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New version 1.6.0 released!

- Now if the device is rooted you can get files from system directories as well. Set it up before at menu with root test.
- New option to use your own gmail account with ownMdm servers

Buenas nochez paco.

Me podrias ayudar a el mdm en marcha

Hey Paco, 

genial la aplicación si consigo que funcione... jejej Usas algún puerto para los envíos de comandos MDM? Tengo la web instalada en un AmazonAWS y me da en la nariz que no sale la petición por que el puerto esta cerrado.

Otra cosa, para instalar apks remotamente... ¿cómo se haría?

Un saludo,

Anyone so kind to share the premium code to get full access please? Thanks a lot

I came across this today and must say it's a good product though yet to try it. My question to paco. I is it possible to modify the setting/configuration of the ownMdm client from the ownMdm server?

i am looking at the possibility of installing ownMdm client remotely into the device and start it up an setup/configure it from the ownMdm server through browser without handling the android device. how possible is this at the moment and is it something that can be done? 

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Version 2.0.0 released!

Only for your own server. servers are down forever! ya no está disponible.

Subida la version 2.0.0 solo para tu propio servidor.

En breve publicaré el código fuente.

Post has attachment now has last version ready for you!

Version 2.0.0 of:

- web part
- App part (this version is not hosted at Google Play, will be on 15/5/2014)



ownmdm servers will be discontinued on 15/5/2014, but...

since that date this software will be open source completely.

Working in cleaning App code and improving web interface.

Soon more news.
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