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We have to grow our community. Start sharing our community page. Sorry for being inactive for a few days. If you feel that I'm getting inactive, reach me through my mobile number - +91-7358886592.

Why don't we make an automated system that would irrigate plants in our household.

Give your opinions and ideas in comments. The project will be started soon!! Don't forget that you're one of the project member.

This project is based on simple electronics. Thinking the ideas of such devices are easy, but it's difficult to implement on our own. Let's make innovations for the technological evolution of the world.


Welcome to PDHCI. I will be posting about the latest tech and start to discuss about the aspects of programming and designing. Let us think of an idea and implement it for a better future. Like in a software company, if you all spare some time doing some stuff for the world, we could work in some projects.
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