Doing some final research on #digiportfolios before submitting my manuscript to the copy editor. Came across this line, but cannot remember if this is original or if it came from another source:

"Education begins when the student desires and decides to learn." 

So excited to be a part of the Seesaw Ambassador Group! I'm a 4k-12 Instructional Coach (Technology). I' m wondering if anyone could share some ways Seesaw is used for innovation/ assessment at the middle school level...just some ideas about how did it change the outcome of the learner at this level...we do a lot with it at the elementary level..but I'd love to use it more at the middle school...we are 1:1 ipads at elementary and 1:1 Chromebooks at the middle school...with a cart of 20 ipads at the middle school we could also dip into...

Lots of new G+ Community members thanks to +D Montanaro - welcome!

Can I ask the community, what applications are your kindergarten and primary grades using to document student learning. And are there any out there that are completely primary student friendly without teacher assistance.
We discussed, Seesaw.
Thanks for sharing.

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My current understand of digital portfolios. 

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Hi everyone,
I have been working on a Digital Portfolio URL Management System, and I am pretty happy with the results! Please check it out. It enables teachers to collect multiple links from multiple students at multiple times throughout the year--all displayed on each student's 1 row of a spreadsheet!

If you have or are aware of strong examples of digital student portfolios, please share the link to them in the comments of this post. I get requests from schools asking about exemplars in this type of authentic assessment. Thanks in advance!

Our school board is looking into the adds by platform. Has anyone heard of its success? Any feedback is appreciated 

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My eBook The Secrets of Self-Directed Learning is now available for free at the FreshGrade website. Digital portfolios are referenced in this text. 

Has anyone used FreshGrade?
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