Hmmm...this book club isn’t going well. I am going to postpone it indefinitely, another time when people are less busy. Good luck with the start of the school year!

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We’ll start our book study by introducing ourselves, sharing something unique from our lives, and highlighting one reason we have joined this study. Welcome! -Matt

P.S. Use the category “book study” for all related posts.

Update on book study: I will hold off on posting subsequent questions and ideas related to the book until there are 6-8 intros from other participants. Please don’t feel obligated to join us - I’m fine with a slow chat :-).

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The book study for Digital Portfolios in the Classroom starts Monday!

Follow the link to listen to a podcast interview to preview this topic.

Welcome +Jen Poturalski and +Tom Parry to the community - they were attendees at my ISTE workshop on digital portfolios. Tom was looking for high school/Google Site examples from other educators.

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The handout from my #ISTE18 workshop presentation today

Hi everyone. Update on the summer course...

I did compile a table of contents with topics for this course. I hit a snag in actually converting content to an online space. Related, I did not receive permission from ASCD to put content from my book into a digital course. In other words, I don't think the course will fly. :-(

What I will do is host an informal book study in August within this community. As long you have the book, it will be free! I will also be available in August if a school district or organization is looking for someone to facilitate a workshop on using digital tools to implement portfolios assessment in their classroom.

Take care,

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In the La Crosse, WI area next Thursday? I'll be facilitating a one day workshop on digital portfolios in the classroom.

Hey everyone, giving you all a quick update on a digital portfolios course I will be facilitating this summer.

- It will be in August, four weeks before we head back for the fall semester.
- My new book will most likely be included as part of taking the course.
- Course delivery will be online, drip-feed (new information released regularly).
- There will be opportunities to chat with participants and me during the course.
- The main outcome will be a full formed assessment plan for the 2018-2019 school year.

The curriculum map for this course has been drafted; now working on the smaller details. Sound interesting to you? What would you most hope to gain from this learning experience? If you have suggestions on what type of content should be included that would be most helpful, please share your feedback.


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Check out my new eBook on assessing innovation in the classroom. It's free! Lots of ideas for using digital tools to document engaging learning experiences.
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