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+Mozilla Firefox 37.0.2 is now available for download!
Mozilla pushed today the second maintenance release of its stable Firefox 37.0 web browser to Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X users worldwide, available for download right now via the application’s built-in updater.
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Does or can Ubuntu touch support avahi/bonjour? I'd like to control my Rune UI by http://runeaudio.local and not by typing ip address.
When I try to connect to http://runeaudio.local with my bq Ubuntu phone I get an network error.
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Buenazo, gracias!!! 
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Hell yeah!!!!
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“As an in-depth guide to Ubuntu, this book does an exceptional job of covering everything from using the Unity desktop to exploring key server configurations.”
–Elizabeth K. Joseph, Systems Administrator & Ubuntu Community Member 
#eBook   #Ubuntu  
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Is it just me or has ubuntu website the computer screenshot is off a bit ?
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Chrome + Win7 is bugged too
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Looking to make the switch from Windows to Ubuntu is it good for Video Editing?
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Have a look to cinelerra, pretty mature project 
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Elementary Freya  Minimal

Conky is old config I found, I just made some Mods and changed to my liking and colours. This is Made for Conky Manager just unzip to your .conky folder and refresh conky manager and select conky.

Made these wallpapers from Minimal Pro app  ( Android  )

Special Thanks to +Josh Oleksyn  for Most of the Wallpaper designs. I edit the colours to my liking.
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Popescu Sorin

Discussion  - 
Ubuntu fast facts (probably old facts, the page is not dated so... yeah)
-over 40 million desktop users and counting
-30,000 Windows users download Ubuntu every day
-Ubuntu is the world’s third most popular PC operating system
-over 200,000 active community members contributing to Ubuntu every day
-over 45,000 apps available in the Ubuntu Software Centre
-Nearly 70% of the PCs shipped by the major PC companies are now certified to work with Ubuntu
scroll down
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+Fabio Colella i know right? maybe they are using a  more conservative method for counting users now? 
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About this community

Fast, free and incredibly easy to use, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world.
Just wanted to let you guys know that there's a new maintenance release of +Ubuntu 15.04's kernel, Linux 3.19.5, but it will probably be updated a few days after the April 23 release.
After yesterday's announcement for Linux 3.4.107 LTS kernel by Zefan Li, another kernel mantainer announced the immediate availability for download of a new maintaince release, this time for Linux kernel 3.19, which is not an LTS version.
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AJ Reissig

Pics and Videos  - 
I recently reviewed Bella OS, a lightweight distro using Ubuntu 14.04 and xfce as its base. Might be worth looking at if you need a light desktop with plenty of functionality. 
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I gave Bella OS a spin and it's a sweet looking OS, nice selection of programs, and fast too.
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If you are a Ubuntu tester with multiple Ubuntu installs on your system, here is a trick that will make GRUB be more descriptive of the OSes it is responsible for booting

#Knowledgepie   #ubuntu   #grub  
As a QA tester for Ubuntu, I find myself installing more then one image of Ubuntu on my systems. I have noticed that all my installs of Ubuntu are named the same, “Ubuntu”. If it was not for the fact that GRUB also tells me w...
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Hello world. Is it just me or a lot of 14.04 live usb/cd get stuck after I selct to try it before install. What can I do?
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you stated that when you previously installed xubuntu 14.04 a year. i remember when the latest distro wouldnt boot, i would keep copies of the previous versions and  they would boot. once i installed the os i would uprade to the latest edition.
as a last ditch effort i would try to install a previous version (in particualr 12.04) since each edition has prerequisites to particular gpu's at the time of that the hardware was released.
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Sorry, but who is Adobe®, Apple™, Microsoft™ again?

Replacing a Hollywood studio for under $2000!

UBUNTU® LINUX, by default, comes with free and open source #Blender™, written in - #Python! And surprise, surprise - blindingly fast!!!

With Python, it's soooo easy to make your own programs or extend Blender™: Here an excellent tutorial:

With Blender camera tracking module you can feed moving camera position into your simulation. At no additional cost!

Blender motion racking module - true 3D reconstruction at no additional cost:

No money to engage professional, famous (and expensive) actors? No problem, create a digital clone: Feel free to modify! ;-)

No money for a professional 4K RED CAM? #GoPro Hero 4 for $400!!!

Here a 2014 review of "Best of Blender":

Have fun!
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Adrians Netlis

Discussion  - 
Unity 3D!
I was wondering if it is possible to install it on Ubuntu 14.10(or 15.04 after few days) 64-bit! Maybe someone can help? I have found some non-trusty methods, but I can't afford to be the one to test while I haven't got my own PC!
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OK! I will try it when I have a lot of spare time! Thanks, sounds hopeful!:)
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Silviu Stahie

Discussion  - 
Some cool facts pointed out by +Popescu Sorin Some of the stuff is pretty old, but there are some interesting facts out there
Ubuntu is the most used Linux desktop operating system, but that might not be all that transparent, so we would also like to present some interesting figures, like the number of Windows users that download Ubuntu every day.
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+Péter Varga just using them as examples, not putting any other distros into a box or anything.
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Yassine Hrimech

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Hello my friends I want to connect centreon with glpi, I used plugin webservice, but I was unable to access glpi, centreon shows me "Access denied" Help me please
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Install PPA in Ubuntu with Synaptic

This tutorial tells you how to use Synaptic to install, disable, and remove PPA in Ubuntu. This tutorial created for those who dislike Terminal but want to manage their system easily. You will learn how to do it in GUI and the article will explain the same thing in Terminal. 
How To Install Ubuntu PPA with Synaptic
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+Stephen Angelico it is a good suggestion. Thank you.
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