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Rolling out over the course of the next two days: version 2.2.1!

Pro Users

- New setting for phone calls that boosts low volume segments of calls by 20-60%. This feature vastly improves the volume of the other end of a call in a recording.

- New phone call setting which allows you to automatically backup phone calls to Google Drive or Dropbox.


All Users

- New setting in Playback settings which allows custom rewind & fast forward time.

- Big improvements to our custom gain algorithm which introduces far less noise and distortion, even at high levels.

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hi m new to the app n i newd help in basic and good usin features ideas 

Hi any suggestions to correct 'Recording source' on a HTC one M8. I cant only hear my own voice......

Anyone using this on a Kindle fire? It works great for me . Haven't had any trouble so far . I would like to see a visual representation of the sound when you do playback . Aside from that it's working wonderfully . I've used it for recording lectures , live music and arguments. 

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Send Anywhere and Parrot Voice Recorder partner to deliver a seamless and secure direct share option to Parrot users

Over the past few months, we have been working to partner with a tremendous service called Send Anywhere to allow our users to quickly send their tracks recorded in Parrot to any device, anywhere.

Send Anywhere’s service allows Parrot users to directly share their tracks from their device to any other mobile or desktop device. The service creates a direct and secure connection between the sender and receiver, then the transfer begins.

Check out the entire blog post:

I'm not able to share, or backup any files to my drive, or even email them. A friend has the app and does not pay for it and he is able to save/share to the drive. WTF?

Does anyone have any experience using parrot on a oneplus3? Used this app on my galaxy and loved it. But now when i swiched device I can't get the callrecorder to work. Any advice?

+Riley Ackerman some project or intention to provide translations for the App?

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New release rolling out to beta users now and everyone else within 48 hours:

Parrot v2.1.3.84

- Add support for adding a contact name to the start of the file name of a phone call.

- Refreshed interface of phone calls screen.

- Fixed a bug where the Bluetooth Preferred setting would cause non-Bluetooth recording to fail.

- Added ability to turn on or off bluetooth recording for phone calls only.

- NEW PERMISSION - Access to contacts: only used for Pro subscribers who wish to label phone calls by contact name. Not accessed or used for non-Pro users.

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