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A review of voice recorders by The WireCutter in the New York Times.

Result: Parrot is picked as the to voice recorder for Android!
The Best Voice Recorder
The Best Voice Recorder

Brand new to parrot can't hear party on other side using head set and can't replay file format not recognize can I reset to original settings and any thoughts on getting both sides of a call recorded clearly?

Hi. Are there any plans to prepare Polish translation for your app? I will be more than happy to help translating.
Thanks in advance!

Every time I download the parrot app I record music on it and I'll be having songs that I have written and when the phone mess up I can't seem to get my music back from parrot how can I get it from another device if I have parrot on it. Please tell me how can I get all my music that I recorded and written back if my phone break down that have parrot on it I put it to the back up and still it's not on that neither so I put it to my SD card and still is not on that how can I get my music back help me put my music back thank you.

It's not working I don't why!
I have huawei mate 9.
I need your help.

Had an update to the parrot app on Android a while ago and unfortunately I've had nothing but issues since. Have sent requests for assistance to searing media with no reply. All my previous recordings were deleted and now it won't run in background and automatically record until I physically start the app and even then it kind of decides what calls it wants to record and which ones it doesn't. When of decides to record a call without throwing me up and error telling me to once again change the recording type. It produces a 98GB recording for a five minute phone call?????? This appears to have gotten quite bad as an app. Have to say had few to no issues on BB10 pro addituon, since moving over to android AND paying a sizeable amount for the pro addition AGAIN I've seam to have had no real duration of another running and the fact that it updates and deletes all previous recordings is rediculous. Any advice?

While recording, the phone got booted and subsequently I am unable to play the file. The file size shows as 1022.5 mb with recording duration as 00:00, I tried Repair option, but message displayed is "Nothing to repair" . When I play, message says "file may be corrupted" . Can somebody suggest a solution please.

Parrot worked flawlessly on my BlackBerry Passport, but now I have the KeyOne and every file I record is corrupt! Can anyone tell me what might be happening?

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