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Welcome everyone!

Just a little note about rules.

1. Spam will not be tolerated. (It can be from repeatedly posting without a break to posting in the wrong category.) All spam will be removed and the poster will be kicked.

2.Profiles are required to roleplay. You can post your profile for your character in the "Sign Up" section of the community. In addition to this, your profile must also be approved before you can start.

3. Please do not ask to be a moderator or co-owner. The answer will most likely be "no" (However, we will pick mods now and then.)

4. Swearing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.

5. Do not harass people. It is unacceptable and will most likely cause you to get banned.

6. No NSFW roleplays or art. Doing so will get your post removed and you will be banned.

7. When roleplaying, try not to be overpowered. Give the other characters a chance.

8. Along with rule 7, use proper grammar when roleplaying.

9. Up to two people can be canon characters. (In case one isn't on. But don't flaunt your status.)

Anyways, enjoy!

~Gem Starlight

Anyone still here?

Btw, it's Gem.

Faedy comes put of the parts and service room, then checks around ....quite and the other's are asleep...maybe this is my chance to get the guard!


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Name: Michael Schmidt

Nickname: Mike

Age: 20

Dislikes: job, animatronics (mostly Freddy)

Likes: Doll, friends

Bio: when he was little he came to the pizza place he loved the animatronics his favorite was Foxy, when he was older the animatronics acted differently to him like they wanted to kill him, he took a job at the pizza place as a night guard taking care of the animatronics during the night and tries to not get killed, he has a girlfriend named doll, has a bad temper still tries to live during the night, companies the fifth child's soul. (I'm sorry if this sucked I'm very bad at this)

Family: parents died in a car crash
Sister: Michelle Schmidt

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Faedy and FadeSter where walking around till they decided to go to the parts and service room
Faedy: Come on, let's see whats in there
FadeSter: Uh...I don't know Faedy, we might get in trouble.... (open)

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(If I can't use both, I'm sticking with Faedy ok...)

Name: Faedy the fox
Gender: female
Type: animatronic Fox
Personality: nice, sneaky, fun, and somewhat gets out of control when angry but can be calmed down easily
Bio: She's and FadeSter work together, and are new to the place so they are starting to learn

Name: FadeSter the wolf
Gender: male
Type: animatronic Wolf
Personality: brave, quite, calm, kind of easy to get angry but gets calm quickly
Bio: FadeSter likes annoying Faedy but he prefers not annoying her to much

P.S. I actually like using both, but if not is ok
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I have more but the first two are my favorite
+Gem Starlight
Here u go
(Next time I should put it on there) 
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Can I be Mike? :D

Can I be Bonnie?
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