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♡Name♡☆Sally Magnificent☆
♡Personality♡☆She's mostly positive, She's sweet, kind, and fun to hang out with, But when you make her mad, She will pound you to pieces☆
♡Magic/Powers♡☆Levitation, teleportation, Growing fairy wings out of her back, Clothes magic, Flower magic,& Music magic☆
♡Species♡☆Human Fairy-succubus☆
♡Likes♡☆Tacos, Pacifists, Trees, Drawing and sketching, The color green, flowers, Calming music, Comedies & Helping out a friend☆
♡Dislikes♡☆Moldy foods, Genocidal Megalomaniacs, Dead plants, Rock music, Violent and or horror movies, & being abused☆
♡Bio♡☆Her father is a male fairy, And her mother is a succubus, She mainly got her father's powers but is part human, When her parents died in a car crash when she was young, She ran to mount Ebott and fell, She left Asgore and moved near the Waterfalls, Ever since, She has been taking care of herself☆
♡Quote♡☆Sadness and Negativity will lead you nowhere,Happiness and Positivity leads you everywhere!☆
♡Soul Color♡☆Green 💚☆

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How's It going everyone? It's FluttershyTheMLGGamer here, and welcome to Undertale

What up.
Its Komane.
And welcome to a Multiplayer Playthrough with +Ben the gamer Fox​, +Wolfer 213​ and +Isabela Juatco​.
So today, we are playing Kirby returns to dreamland.

What up, Viewers.
Today, me and +Ben the gamer Fox​ are playing Super Mario 3D world again!

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So this is from a live stream I did and this was one of the first times playing you should check out the game and I hope you enjoy :3 (sorry if the quality is bad and some of the time flaky pops up QnQ)

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Name: Wolfboy Plays87

Fav things on youtube: video games

What up!
Its Komane.
And welcome to a co-op playthrough with +Ben the gamer Fox

What do you have for is this time +Ben the gamer Fox​?

Youtuber name sans the sansy sanest sanz sansiest sans
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