I'm using the version 1.01g and the app keeps dying overnight (quick unlock is gone when I check my phone in the morning). I've a S7 edge with marshmallow 6.0.1.

What would be the best way to debug this issue?

I'm using remix os 2.0 in my tablet, and for some reason I can't choose a database file from title drive. Click9ng be does not bring up the selection window, it just returns to the open/create window.

I'm fully aware remix is pretty rare is and very possibly not a kp2a problem, but drive works for everything else so far, so I'd thought I'd ask.

Tried joining beta to escape crashes every launch. Waited a few app updates. They're still happening. Android 7.1.1 on Pixel. Have reinstalled and cleared data/cache.

v1.01-e now will not load from remote (Google drive), a message says it's working from cache offline. Clearing app cache will load from remote, but next time same problem until clear the cache. Previous version would crash until you cleared the cache, so one step closer 😄

So a very minor issue which I have noticed is that in DropBox, after you access the database through Keepass2Android it converts the xml to lowercase. For e.g. MasterDB.xml will be changed to masterdb.xml. So far I have not noticed this issue with Google Drive, OneDrive or System File picker. Has anyone else seen the issue?

When I open my banks mobile app K2A does not provide the notification to autofill the username/password, it did before. I also don't get the prompt to use the K2A keyboard.

How can I correct this? Or is this a bug?

In kindness,



in the new version I'm not able anymore to connect to Nextcloud 11. (latest version
Neither via Owncloud button nor https webdav.

I'm always getting: unsupported auth scheme []

If I'm going back to keepass2android 1.0 nvia titanium backup) it works again


Don't work last version, crash.

I cleared app data and all is working again !!! Maybe it can help anybody.

Latest update crashes when unlocking if working offline.
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