Anyone new to roleplaying the common sense are the following.
1: No godmodding meaning no controlling other chars or being invincible.

2: No Mary Sues or Gary Stues: These are characters who are perfect and have no flaws...

3: No extensive OOC talk: OOC(Out of Char) is used to talk bout stuff out of char only use this when you have a question or have to leave. Ideas in OOC are also fine. Use (()) or OOC: for OOC talk.

Hex Rules:

Either your char must be a named character (Periwinkle, Ozawa, Myrym, etc) A PVP champion(Bun'Jitsu, Ovo Knightsbane, Thox) or a PVE Champion you made.

The roleplays in here can be past or present tense. But be sure to know your lore. Anything blatantly against Hex canon will be deleted ASAP.  (Such as Oberon not dying, Xentoth being a nice lady..) ((This rule subject to change not sure if it's too strict))

Rules:  Only Lore as in backstories flavor text dungeons etc are to go here. Only discussing or making stuff up anything not a debate or conversation pertaining to story of Hex is to be in General Discussion.

Rules for the General Discussion are: 1: Common sense no bashing or flaming any arguments that extend this far the basher will be warned once no 3 time rule for bashing.

2: Advertising other PVE guilds is frown upon please don't or you'll be in trouble.

3: Keep discussions civil.

4: Under any circumstances are PVP related threads are to be put in here. This is a PVE guild and you are only allowed to discuss PVP outside of group.

Posts for roleplaying plotting or rps general discussion pertaining to a specific rp go here
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