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Dollywood Turns On Lights For Smoky Mountain Christmas Northeast Of Atlanta

Dolly Parton fans flock to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee anytime of year to experience an American icon's theme park. But when the Christmas season rolls around, Dollywood does it right with America's five-time favorite Christmas celebration.,-Tennessee.html

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Atlanta is the kind of vibrant city that has many different attractions suitable for people from all walks of life but if you are a parent or educator who is looking for some fun places or activities for kids and students, here are a few coming right up in downtown Atlanta. 

Extreme Dinosaurs

The Box Office, Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station
265, 18th Street, Atlanta, GA 30363
(404) 496-4274

Extreme Dinosaur is an exhibition featuring new and strange dinosaur discoveries from the Golden Age of Paleontology. In the exhibition, visitors will get to learn about these strange animals from a different angle. Students and visitors are given an insight into stuff like why dinosaurs have plates, frills, features and horns. 

The exhibit’s main feature are life-size and life-like animatronic models, replicas, real fossils and skeletons. Kids and guests are entertained with moving and roaring life-like dinosaurs during their visit to this Atlanta exhibit which you can visit using a rented charter bus from US Coachways.

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Ideas for #romantic  night-out with your special someone at Canoe, Georgia Aquarium and Nottingham Shire and Carriage for Hire 

Traveling in a large group can make it hard for couples to connect during a vacation, what more if you are bringing your kids along for the trip. The best thing to do when you find you and partner fighting for a romantic moment together is to put it into your itinerary. And here are a couple of recommendations to get you chugging along. 

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Cool Museums in Atlanta

If your tour bus group is planning a visit to the city of Atlanta in the near future, take a little time and enjoy the diverse museums the city has to offer. There is literally something for everyone. 

Make the APEX Museum located at 135 Auburn Avenue is the perfect place to start your tour of Atlanta. The African-American Panoramic Experience is a museum that catalogs the history of Atlanta's African-Americans and documents their struggles and rich accomplishments. This is a great place to spend an afternoon. Please call (404) 521-2739 for more information. 

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Atlanta's Top Three Local Tourist Magnets

 The first thing most charter bus Atlanta tourists and vacationers try to AVOID is hitting up one of those tourist traps. It seems to be a given with any visitor in this day and age of Internet. Everyone seems to know enough about a place before stepping a foot through the door. The deal is this - sometimes, you need to get INTO the tourist traps to discover what lies in the heart of the city. This is what the locals want to show you or are proud of the most. And sometimes, you will be surprised that at these tourist traps, there is more heart. 


Hunting Down Golden Treasures at Chamblee�s Antique Row District (Atlanta)

Although we have to admit that when we need to find something antique that continues to be of value, we often hit Atlanta�s famous Scott Antique Market but there are days we want to look at something new, find a refreshing keepsake or perhaps chance upon something that reminds us of old times. And in comes Chamblee�s Antique Row District which can be found on Broad Street in the Peachtree Industrial area. Give them a call at 770-458-6316.

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