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We had a week off in the beginning of October and my friend Echo came down to visit!  We had a lot of fun and ate all the tacos!
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Ok, I am slowly going through out photos... Here are some more from Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende that we took with our camera (not our phones) back in October.  It was a very cool city and we were there during a music & arts festival called Cerventina.  
Guanajuato & San Miguel Allende
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Finally got around to putting up some more pics.  Here is our spring break with Josh!
2015 04 Spring Break with Josh
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I meant to post this a while ago when I sent out the emails but I forgot!  Here is our annual holiday letter.  I think most of you saw it already but just in case I didn't have your email here it is:

Hello Friends and Family!!

It is the second annual holiday letter from Tisha and James.  Hopefully, we can keep it up!  2013 was a rocky year for us, and while 2014 was no less exciting, it was better in many ways.  

We had a great time last Christmas in Las Vegas with David (Tisha’s Dad), in which we were joined by the Bynum family and Judy (James’ mom).  Starting the new year back in Mexico, James continued his new job at the  British Churchill College and I had the promise of a job for the following school year. While this school was a million times better than the crazy place we left, our new apartment was a step down from the swanky place we were in before.  We did some apartment hunting and went back and forth between the decision to just make it work by putting some money and time into the place or moving again.  Eventually, we were able to take over another apartment from a teacher going back to the U.K. in June.  Our apartment now is a bit smaller but a lot nicer and we are happy to not be thinking about moving anymore, at least until we come back to the states!

Tisha is now very happy to be almost 1/2 done with first year of teaching!  It was a long road and it was uncertain exactly what she would be teaching.  She ended up at the same school as James teaching a course called Global Perspectives.  It is a social studies/current events course administered by Cambridge. It has been a lot of work for both of us learning new curriculums but we feel that we are getting good experience. 

Between all the moving and job changes we weren’t  able to see as much of Mexico this past year as we would have liked but we did take a great trip over spring break to Oaxaca City and Puerto Escondido.  Oaxaca is a cool colonial city with neat prehispanic ruins nearby and amazing food.  Puerto Escondido is a pacific beach town that is a bit less touristy than the more well known resort towns.  We were able to go on a dive, eat some great seafood and swim in the ocean a bunch.  We were also able to host some family and friends this last spring and show them around Mexico City.  We love visitors so hopefully more of you can make it down!

Of course the big trip this year was to Italy!  We were not really planning on going to Europe after moving to Mexico, but since James’ ultimate Frisbee team won the Mexican National Championships last year they qualified to go to the World Championships which were held in Lecco, Italy.  Since Tisha didn’t have to stick around and train she left a couple of weeks early and checked out Naples and Florence.  She met up with James in Rome and after exploring the ancient capital they headed to the wine country of Chianti!  From there it was north to Bergamo and a few days in the pre-alps region before going to Lecco for the tournament. Hopefully during the winter break we can finally post some pictures.  We basically went straight to work after getting back!

While we were busy this Fall with our jobs we did take advantage of a week long mid-term break in October to take a trip to Guanajuato.  This mountain town was very rich in colonial times from all the silver mining.  The city itself has lots of crazy narrow streets and a network of tunnels for getting around.  Our break was right in the middle of a awesome arts festival called Cervantino and we were able to see some great classical concerts.   

Also this fall we were both still very busy training hard and playing a lot of Ultimate frisbee in preparation for the Mexican National Championships.  James had double duty as he was also coaching the women’s team Tisha is on.  James’ team won again this year for the 7th time in a row but the victory we were both more excited about was Tisha’s team Mala Fama won the women’s national championship for the first time in team history!  We both were able to come home with medals.  

While the past year has been very exciting, we have saved biggest news of this letter for the end. Drumroll please! Tisha is pregnant! She has been doing well so far and is in the beginning of the 2nd trimester. We have a few more weeks until we find out if it is a boy or a girl but we are excited either way.  Her due date is May 24th.  If all goes well we hope to come up to stay with Judy in Anacortes during the month of July with the new baby, so hopefully we can see some of you there!

Love you all,

Tisha and James

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Happy New Year

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Guanajuato! Beautiful place to visit!
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Thanks to google for putting all the pics and vids together. Some of tese shots are "Photospheres". The Roman Pantheon for example. We had a great time in ITaly, and hope to get more pictures uploaded from the camera soon.

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Gyahh.. It's been way too long since we posted. We are very bad bloggers. However, it is mushroom season in Mexico City! Cheese and mushroom quesadillas are cheap and awesome!

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Feliz Navidad & 明けておめでとうございます!!!

Hello Friends and Family!

I have received many a holiday letter from various folks and always thought to myself what a good idea it was.  It is tough to keep in touch with everyone and I always appreciate getting a summary of the year.  It helped to make us not feel so distant from those that we love, even if we actually are quite far away!  However, that never seemed to translate into a letter from us, until now!

Where to begin? Well in the beginning of this year James and I scrambled to get all our references ready to try and attended an international school job fair in San Francisco. As I was still in the middle of my teaching credential program we weren't sure if we would get any offers, but we decided to give it a try anyways.  To our surprise we received 3 offers and had a hard decision between a school near Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E or a school in Mexico City.  We accepted an offer from Colegio Atid in Mexico.  We had a lot of work ahead of us to prepare for our move across the border.

As we were busy preparing for our move and I was busy finishing up school the Marosi family experienced a tragedy when my Mom passed away on April 18th.  Even as I write this I am still not sure what to say.  She passed quickly, which is a blessing I suppose.  It was a shock, but not surprising as she had a heart condition for many years. James and I were so thankful that we had visited recently and had a great time with my parents in March over the spring break.  I am also thankful for all the support and condolences I received from friends and family.  All I can say is that being parted from your loved ones is always difficult and I wish I could continue to share my life with hers.

With the grace and understanding from my professors and mentors, I managed to finish up the credential program and student teaching.  James was also saying his goodbyes to the River School teachers and students. As the end of the school year approached we had a couple of garage sales and got rid of a lot of stuff. Our plan was to take the remainder of our things to store at my Dad’s place in Las Vegas.  Our friend Patrick volunteered to drive us and our stuff over with his trailer in exchange for some fun in Vegas.  Due to record breaking temperatures we decided to make the desert crossing in the middle of the night.  

From Vegas, James continued up to Seattle to spend time with family and play in Potlatch.  I stayed on in Vegas for a while and then flew up to Portland to visit my sister and bring her my unhappy kitty to her new home. Mama kitty enjoyed being outdoors and Mexico City wouldn't be a safe place for her. The plan was for me to drive up to Seattle, meet up with James and then fly together to Mexico. Unfortunately, my visa was delayed and I stayed in Seattle a bit hanging out at Echo’s place.  

Finally near the end of July  James and I were both in Mexico City, setting up a new place and spending lots of money at Costco.  We were both excited to start at our new school but still didn't have much information about it.  As we did finally start work, we were surprised to say the least.  The school was not what it advertised to be and they did not really follow the IB curriculum or offer training.  

Despite not really liking the school, our apartment was great and we were loving Mexico City.  James had been introduced to some Mexican ultimate players at Potlatch and started playing with a Men’s team immediately after arriving.  I also got hooked up with the counterpart women’s team and we were training and practicing regularly.  James’ team went on to win the Mexican National Championship and my team took third.   In addition to playing a lot of ultimate we have been able to do a bit of sightseeing in Teotihuacan, Merida, Chichen Itza, Queretaro and of course around the city! Check out our blog on Google+ for pictures.  

By the way, thanks so all the folks that wished me well on my birthday!  I wasn't able to thanks many people because things were crazy with the school situation and with ultimate.  The messages were appreciated! 

Despite all the fun and adventures we were having, the school situation only continued to get worse.  Luckily the school had a three month trial period and we were able to leave the school near the end of October.  We both wanted to stay in Mexico but were not sure if we would be able to find another job in the middle of the school year. Surprisingly quickly James found an opening at a British school called Churchill.  He did a demo lesson and they were impressed.  I also interviewed with the school but they won’t have a position open for me until next school year.  

We decided to accept Churchill’s offer and James started working there at the beginning of December.  I in the meantime plan to do some subbing and really try to learn Spanish.  The timing worked out well and we were able to get some surprisingly cheap tickets back to the states for Thanksgiving in Illinois with James’ cousin Michelle and other relatives.  While it was a lot colder than the mild weather down here, it definitely felt more like the season should with plenty of great family and food.

As Christmas nears we are looking forward to spending the holidays with my Dad in Las Vegas, with the welcome additions of the Bynum family and James’ mom.  I hope everyone is enjoying the season and we hope to see some of you come down and visit us here in Mexico soon!

Tisha & James 
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For the past few months I've played ultimate with a team called Fénix. It's a great bunch of guys and I'm lucky and proud to be their teammate and to call them my friends. This last weekend we won the Mexican National Championship for Men's Ultimate! It was an awesome experience, and it also qualified us for the World Championships Tournament, which is in Northern Italy next August.

Venga Fénix!
2013 11 Fenix Ultimate
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