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As we approach the 54th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, I wanted to post this video again. "The Smoking Gun" is a ground-breaking video of yet, another, private investigation of this tragic event!

A few years after the Warren report was released, Howard Donahue, a ballistics expert, was asked to do tests on Oswald's gun. After he finished these tests, Donahue realized that the Warren report wasn't correct! Long story short, he continued his testing and conducted his own investigation. Once he finished his investigation, Donahue published a book which wasn't received favorably by just about anyone. Watching this video, you will see what happened after his book was released.

Jump ahead decades and a retired Australian homicide detective, Colin McLaren, took up the investigation as a cold-case. Along with writer Bonar Menninger, McLaren dug in! What McLaren discovered is simply history changing evidence!

One piece of evidence (I won't ruin the video for anyone with this one piece of evidence) is the fact that the xrays of Kennedy's head showed that the bullet that hit him in the head was not the kind of bullet that Oswald's Manlicher Carcano rifle used!

As far as I'm concerned, this video SOLVES THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION!! Anyone who is interested in the Assassination MUST watch this video!!

PLEASE let me know what you think but please keep it mature and amiable.

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Over the last few months, I've been watching a terrific history professor through his lectures on YouTube. His name is Mark Genera and I believe he teaches at STATE CENTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT in Fresno, California.

What I like so much about Prof. Genera is that there is no phony veneer of elitism in his teaching style. He is a regular guy and he really seems concerned that his students understand what he's teaching.

The lectures start with the Native Americans before Columbus and go through the Founding, the Civil War, and end with Reconstruction.

Another thing that really impressed me was the little things that I learned and that he teaches. For example; in his lectures on slavery, he discussed the issue of, with all the slave owners in the South, how many of them do you suppose were mentally deranged? Some of them HAD to be homicidal! Or some of them had to be crazy to some extreme or another. Another issue that I never heard other teachers discuss were the ways in which a slave society had to function in order to get people to do things that they didn't want to do. One way was the "carrot and the stick" method. My point is that Professor Genera teaches things that other Professors don't seem to think are important.

There are 5 "Saved Playlists" of Professor Genera's lectures which I had to save from another person's YouTube page. If you click the link below to my YouTube page, it will take you to my "Saved Playlists". The lectures should be the first 5 playlists, although, they are in reverse order. The Final set is first and the first set is the fifth playlist.

Hopefully, some of my, likewise nerdy lecture lovers will appreciate this set of playlists.

I am curious if anyone has ever attempted to teach a survey Modern World History course in a BACKWARDS fashion? Would like to teach thematically as well. Broad themes? Sub-themes? Content within themes? etc.... Just starting the process, so any support/suggestions/examples would be welcomed! Email me at: Thanks for listening!

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Please checkout my newest blog post on "Michael Stichauf's History Shorts". After reading the post, click on the accompanying link and watch a terrific interview between C-span's Brian Lamb and Shelby Foote. I hope you enjoy it!

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Gettysburg Nat'l Park Service & Gettysburg Foundation- A Selection of Videos

Of all the YouTube channels that you can subscribe to for Civil War history, two of them are, as far as I'm concerned, the best. Gettysburg National Park Service has a channel and Gettysburg Foundation has one. Both of these channels are dedicated to teaching the country about the most important time in American history and they both do a fantastic job!

I've put together a short list of 8 videos which include, either my favorite topics of the time period or my favorite lecturers. There are 4 videos from each channel and, once you've watched these 8, you can go directly to each of the respective channel's YouTube sites to choose from scores of other topics.

If anyone has a YouTube channel that they are partial to for any subject in history, please let me know about it in the comments section of this post. ENJOY!

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This is one of the UGLIEST incidents in American history! This picture just begins to tell the story! Here's a link to a great article about it.
Runing the Negro out of Tulsa . During the two day race riot, deputized whites killed more than 300 black residents, looting and burning to the ground 40 square blocks of 1,265 homes, including hospitals, schools, and churches, and destroyed 150 businesses.

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This is my "Top Ten List" of favorite lectures & documentaries which, actually, includes 22 videos- OKAY, so I can't count! The very first video is, quite possibly, my very favorite! It is such an interesting piece about Mississippi's place in the country prior to, during, and after the Civil War.

My favorite "series" of videos is a series of 3 lectures on the Civil War by Dr. Bill Gudelunas. The reason this series is my favorite is because Dr. Gudelunas is the best at keeping the lectures lively with his humor as well as his knowledge being top notch. "The Fall of the House of Dixie" is a close second in the "series" category.

As you can see, this list doesn't include any videos of lectures by Gary Gallagher or James Mcpherson. This isn't because I don't like these gentlemen, it's because they have so many good videos. They will be a separate playlist of their own.

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For months, now, I've seen this video in the "recommended" section on my YouTube page but stayed away from it because it's over 8 hours long. Yet, today, I finally started to watch it and it's very interesting. Now, for you Civil War buffs (like myself), any video you watch you're gonna know much of the info in it but this video is still interesting! One of the bits of information which I didn't know was the fact that the South had actually completed the building of 24 Ironclads! Twenty-four of them! I had no idera that they built more than 2 or 3!

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by Mr. Christian McBurney

I've put together another list of great lectures and documentaries. This list, again, features mostly Civil War topics but the best lecture in the bunch is the first one on the list- "Abductions in the American Revolution" by Christian McBurney.

There are three historians on the dais, including McBurney. McBurney gives a short talk about his book and then there is one of the best question and answer sessions that I've watched on YouTube! The audience is filled with knowledgeable individuals who ask great questions and the discussion is never boring. The topic centers around some of the attempts by both the Americans and the British who kidnap high-ranking officers in order to trade them for the equivalent rank on the other side who either has been kidnapped or taken prisoner after a battle. The historians also discuss the treatment of American prisoners of war by the British. At the beginning of the war, the British treated all American prisoners terribly because they were considered "traitors" instead of "prisoners of war" and the historians discuss the legality of that treatment.

The rest of the list is also very interesting which is how I try to put my lists together.

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