Name: Peter Parker, The Sensational Spider-Man!
Age: 15
Hobbies: Spending time with my Aunt, Playing video games, being with MJ, and saving the Big Apple!

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Name:red angle
Likes:fighting evil,flying over the city to keep watch
Dislikes:mankind(but she protects them anyways)
Story:at a young age red Angel(real name jane) was abandon so she raised herself well little did she know of the future that awaits she was frowned opon in her dimension for her way with fire and swords girls weren't supposed to be trained like that but she was so she moved to the human world at the age of 18 and saw that many evil lurked so she stayed and now she helps the weak mortals in there time of need

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Name: Skaya


Likes: doing flips and talking while fighting crime, lakes, Dark and sitting in conners

Dislikes: hater, bullies and attention

Bio: when she needed help the most nobody was there for her she had a help from her friend who died and then she decided to help everyone in trouble.....

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Name: Saitama
Likes: fighting crime, eating pizza, relaxing
Dislikes: someone destroying his house, someone breaking his roof
Bio: "I'm just a hero for fun..."
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