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This will be the post to suggest Banama AU's. If The Lorax can get AU's then so can Banama.


-It can't be an AU that already exists in this universe.. those are all the rules
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Banama AU called poop whee everyone is in a romantic relationship with someone

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Banama AU where they let me back into Banama


Banama au where we all live in the same house

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Banama Infinity War

Banama greek god au

au where every banama au actually happened irl and randomly getting whisked away to another world while we're using g+ is just a regular everyday occurrence that we've long since grown used to and keep a secret from the rest of the post-miiverse scene

Banama au where all posts are written as haikus

banama au where the second impact—

AU where I was never friends with a certain individual and one where I was never banned from NSFW banama
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