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This will be the post to suggest Banama AU's. If The Lorax can get AU's then so can Banama.


-It can't be an AU that already exists in this universe.. those are all the rules
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Au where everyone in Banama hates each other and are just mean all the time but everyone stays for some reason

AU where I would still be considered pure and join Banama Club without any sin.

Banama au where all the mods simultaneously swear off technology forever and the community can never be deleted 


This banner is epicc

I had a dream involving a Banama AU where everyone was a fish and the mods were the human caretakers who cleaned the tank and filter and all that.

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Banama au where everyone is a spider person and Spideroll Frickle just made a post saying delet eggs

Banama furry au featuring Jubear Johnson and Lionstone Eyes
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