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Ruler open

Second Ruler open


Traitors/Not with the rest
Hieko (Shapeshifting, unknown) {male} +Pink Skull​​​​​​​​​​
Zephyr Woods (profile) {female} +Lovino/Lovina Vargas​​

Hemo Nofy (see profile) {female} +Pink Skull​​​​​​​​​​
Conner (none) {male} +Luis Lopez


Head open

Jean Calob (profile) {Female} +Pink Skull​​​​​​​

Head Officer open

Second Officer open

Third Officer open


Anyone on?

I believe most of you guys still have a profile to make so please make it.

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Name: pink
Nickname: death
Gender: female
Appearance:always changing
Species:unknown (human)
Powers: teleporting and telepathy
Weapon: sword and throwing stars and scythes
Personality: bipolar
Likes and dislikes: Likes me and friends and red, pink ,black dislikes everything else

Everyone besides, +Hermione Annabeth Katniss Tris Grace +Caroline Edgar +Kαωαιι Pικαςhυ +Lightning Night and +Luis Lopez, needs to make an oc

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Backstory:born with no legs conner had a small struggle in his life, as he grew up conner had a love for robotics and as the aliens toke over conner made 4 robotic arms the bottom two where made for walking and the top two were made to defend himself then one day he stumbled apon 3 aliens then he attacked grabbing and alien and threw it at a wall instantly killing it then grabbing another alien and rippling it in half he then beat the last one to death then leaving in victory

P.S. ignore any mistakes

Is it ok if my oc is based of another charectar for example iron man from marvel

Hieko walked into the store with a bag.

+Hermione Annabeth Katniss Tris Grace

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Name: Zephyr Woods
G+ name: +Caroline Edgar
Nickname: Zeph
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance/looks: Picture
Species: Alien
Powers: Camoflague, Flight, Invisibility, Throwing Shadow Balls
Weapon: A black staff with a red orb on the top. It can shoot shadows and also work as a melee weapon.
Personality: Cold and sarcastic, can be nice but it is rare,
Bio: Zephyr was born to two aliens with a high position in, well, everything! They were high authority and got Zephyr almost anything she wanted. When the aliens came to Earth, Zephyr was a very feared alien by most of the humans. She would kill anyone who rebelled the instant she saw them. When the Earth went into an apocalypse she became a ruthless killer. Anyone she saw would be killed on the spot. Nobody lived to tell the tale if they saw her, therefore she is now, supposedly, just a scary story people told around campfires.
Likes and dislikes (optional):
L: Death, Killing, Weapons, Fights
DL: Weaklings, Teams, Annoying kids
Extra: Zephyr can live for around 1 million years without any appearance change whatsoever.

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Name: Jean Calop
Age: 16
Gender: female
Powers: fire, healing, unknown others
Species: human
Appearance: pic
Bio: She's been killing aliens for as long as she can remember. Her family was killed when she was just a baby and someone found her so she now lives in a group called AH. She's just recently discovered her healing abilities. She usually takes the people that have been injured on the battle and help patch them up. She found Jackel as a puppy when he was sick and nurtured him back to health.
Weapon: see second pic
Extra: none
Personality: unknown
Familiar: Jackel - male - winged wolf - water
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