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Adam was outside in the plains biome, It was night time. He was fighting mobs. You see him fighting the mobs and you...

+Lps Mexican :3 

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Name: Rachel
Last name: McCarthy
Age: 18
Likes: Food, animals, love, butterflies, music, games, youtube, movies,
Dislikes: haters, bullys,
Bio: hi...I rachel McCarthy!
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Name: "You don't need to know." Tyler
Age: "You also do not need to know that." 17 
Gender: "Male, obviously."
Personality: Powerful, Determined, Sarcastic, Kind (Sometimes), Rude (Sometimes, if he has to.), Brave, Daredevil, Intelligent, Loner, etc.  
Birthday: "We never celebrate it, because I'm an enderman, but whatever. It doesn't matter."
Crush: "I'm not into romance or dating."
Likes: Being alone, The End (Where he lives), Other endermans, Darkness, Night, etc. 
Dislikes: Humans, Water, Rain, Sunlight, Day, Bullies, etc.
Bio: "Just don't look into my eyes, and you'll be just fine."
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You saw Tyler, in the night, walking by himself, like usual. You see him walk by at night every night, more injured the next nights, and it kinda concerns you. So you...

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1st picture.

Name: "Adam."
Age: "I'm 16, so what?"
Gender: "Haha, male! Are you blind?"
Personality: Kind, Strong, Gamer, Determined, Calm, Rude (Sometimes), Calm, Fighter, etc.
Birthday: July 28th
Crush: "Uhm..." Raven
Likes: Gaming, PVP, Hats, Music, Electronics, Fighting, Exercising, etc. 
Dislikes: Bullies, Mobs, Insanity, Raging, etc. 
Bio: Adam is a pro PVP gamer. Do you think you can beat him in a fight? Probably not. Only few have survive his battles. Unfortunately,  for others, they get all their bones broken for life.    

2nd picture

Name: "Zachary! Nice to meet you, haha!"
Age: 14
Gender: "Male! Are you blind?"
Personality: Funny, Kind, Daredevil, Pro, Gamer, Strong, Loud, Energized, Rages easily, Mood swinger, Determined, etc. 
Birthday: "None your business, dude!" January 16th 
Crush: "Ew, gross! I hate romance!"
Likes: Gaming, Winning, Music, Headphones, Pizza, Food, Sleeping, Pokémon, etc.
Dislikes: Bullies, Insanity, Losing, Work, etc.
Bio: "Nope. Well, there is, but I'm too lazy to put it in."
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