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Hello to all this concerns if you are interested in becoming a mod reply, i will go over criteria in private

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Name: The Dragon God
Powers: The power to Create realms, A very powerful beam, the power of all elements, the control of life and death,and can steal others abilities, and the rest are unknown.(I will discover power's in battle so please don't be cheesed if i win i am still very kill-able and i wont use them to always win so don't complain. )
Strengths: During a full moon
Weaknesses: Power hungry (it just means i want all power and can use my power theft to adapt a new power from others)also you can gain an item called the Crystal of death but you need to wait for that one.
Age: unknown 
Gender: Male
Background: A dragon created from the elders of my realm.( My character is of a different realm but you will know more in due time)
Abilities: God beam( -9,000), Earth Bomb( -2,000), Fire Annihilation(-1,000), Water heal(use on self to heal +100), Air blast(-100),And Power steal( steals opponents last attack ps they can still use it and after the battle i lose the power.)
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