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Erm? Anyone wanna do this digitally?
(I drew the kitty below. :3)
Name: Feathermask
white she-cat with brown eartips, muzzle, tail tip, and paws. 
Beautiful red eyes.

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I am taking requests!

I will do a ref sheet of your warrior oc or another kind of oc.

1) Send me a pic of the oc (unless I know how they look like)
2) Pick a font
3) Give me a link or share a pic of what background you want
4) Wait until I am done

Lineart by:RiverSpirit
Background not mine

If you want a different Lineart send me a link of it. And if there is anything different you want me to put on the ref sheet just tell me
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I'm doing a raffle of cats :3
Please reshare too!

1-don't enter more than twice
2- no begging if you don't win
3- no bragging if you do win
4- no complaining
5- only one prize
6- dont trick me into getting you a win

1- a free adopt from me
2- your if as a cat or a redraw of your cat oc

Ends in one day

1-+Awk0Kittens Aj 2-+Lilly Fire-Rose 3-+CloudCat557 AJ 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10-

Good luck 

Ok, I'm doing one massive picture of everyone's oc so give me your pics of your oc Plz

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My first post in this community hope you like my drawings! please leave comments his name is Whitekit, guess why xD

I'm doing request's!
Pls send me a ref if you have one!

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Here is my fan made cat Brokenstar!

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dont judge my drawing plus if liked pleaSe. this is my entry!

i hope you liked my pic its my warrior Fuzzyclaw
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