((Open)) I slowly place my hands on the piano and start to play and sing softly Heaven heaven heaven~

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Name: Park HyoBin "Hani"
Grade: second year

appearance:Dark brown hair, looks lighter in the light, brown eyes, short like 5'6.

Personality: Goofy, Gullible, immature, can act older when wants to, sweet, kind, lovable, goes crazy of sweets and cute things, silly, clumsy, has Athazagoraphobia(fear if being forgotten, forgetting, it bring ignored)

Talents: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Drawing, Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Viola.

A little background history: Park HyoBin us Korean American. She was born in Seoul Korea but at the age of 7 her parents went to America. They moved back ,because of a job, at the age if 15. She always love k-pop and k-pop idols. She always wanted to be an idol. She has her mother, father, older brother, and younger brother in her family home.
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Here is my character for an example...
Song Mi Young
Grade: first year
Appearance: light brown hair, not that tall, big eyes, cutesy
Personality: childish, cute, playful, serious at times
Talents: can play a lot of different instruments, can speak a lot of different languages, a very good singer
Background history: came to Korea with a friend, but before I lived in Japan. Have one older sibling and an aunt who takes care of me because our parents left us. 
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