Shout Out to all XBox One Gamers that want or would like a New Friend to add.  If you would like to, go ahead and add me here is a list of my current games that I own as well as a list of future games that I have on  pre order. 

My Gamer Tag is Heartlezz Crazh

XBox One Titles:

1) Battlefield 4:  (Season Pass)

2) Call of Duty:  Ghosts:  (Season Pass)

3) Dead Rising 3:

4) Skylanders:  Swapforce

5) Titanfall:  (Season Pass)

6) WatchDogs:  (Season Pass)

List of Games that I have on Pre Order:

Sept 21st:  Destiny

October 7th:  Dragons Age:  Inquisition

October 21st:  Battlefield  Hardline & Evolve

October 27th:  Assassin's Creed:  Unity

November 4th:  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

2015:  The Division and Witcher

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Hi if you haven't seen it yet, the hangout with Nik  is online on the brand new WatchDogsForum YouTube channel! Check it out in this link:
UbiHangout #1 with UbiNik

Also make sure you subscribe because we will update the channel with new videos, and announcement.
You (YEAH YOU!) could also send us your fan-made videos and we'll try to post them!

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I heard about the news and immediately made a movie rant about it.what do you guys think about this? I am really annoyed about this! comment what you think...
watch_dogs release date MOVED TO APRIL 2014!

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Hey fellow You Tubers! My channel is about the upcoming game WATCH_DOGS, and when it comes out I'll be doing an unboxing of the dedsec edition and gameplay! This episode is going over if anything were to go wrong in watchdogs, what would it be? subscribe, rate and comment!
Oh and if you want me to play some video games just say :D
WATCH_DOGS: What could possibly go wrong?

Hey whats up all you watch dog fan's dropping in checking up on everyone have a bless one.. :)

i would like to clarify or maybe just note @matthew s that i belong to the original and have never had a problem or issue posting anything in the forum and certainly never called out by someone i dont even know...i suggest you watch urself dear...

Hey guys, just thought I would let you know (fingers crossed) that I'm back on the forums :D - rawrrrr_xx

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this may keep me busy til nov...hope it is ok to post here:)
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