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Hello and welcome to the pack role-play! Just a warning we don't use powers while role-playing. Also please make sure you follow the chart when sharing what wolf you're role-playing with if you look bellow you can see the chart. Also your aloud to role-play with up to two characters. Your two characters can be two pack wolves or a pack wolf and a rouge. If you do a rouge just put rouge instead of your rank.

Rank: (Put rouge here if you also have a rouge)
Weaknesses: (you must have this)

So while making your character use that. The rules are also listed bellow. Also please be sure to actually post s character to role-play with.

- Make sure you don't have powers
- Don't bully someone for their character (I will be telling them if it does not meet the requirements)
- Ask me before choosing a high rank
- Don't fight with people over ranks instead ask me about it
- Don't be upset if someone took your rank I might make more packs later on after we have enough people
- And the final rule have fun!

Anyways make sure you get your character approved by me before posting anything else. I will try to get to it as soon as I can.

Wolf pack ranks. These are all the ranks not including alpha.

Beta:The beta is the second in command and enforces the law when the current alpha is not present. If the alpha dies then the beta will take over without challenge. Or if the alpha decides they no longer want to be alpha they can give the rol to the beta. Closed

Sentinel: there are four sentinels two mates each. Each pair is chosen by the alpha and beta. This rank cannot be challenged whatsoever. The beta and alpha train them to take their place if they both die. 4/4 Open

Elders: The elders of the pack are 7 years or older. They are filled with wisdom and strength. They are the ones the alpha goes to advice for. They are respected as much as the alpha in the pack. Open

Assassin: You can sort of tell what this rank is for. They are the spies of the pack and there can only be three of them. 2/3 Open


Lead warrior: The lead warrior takes his/her orders directly from the alpha, and sometimes the beta. They are the captain of the pack. There is only one of them. Open

Warrior: The amount of warriors depends on the size of the pack. For a small pack there can be up to 5 and for a large pack there can be up to 15. They are guardians and protectors of the pack and will keep watch they must be quick thinkers and remain calm in any situation. 3/5 Open

Lead Hunter: The lead hunter is the one who leads the hunts. There is only one lead hunter. Open

Hunter: Like the warriors the amount of hunters depends on the size of the pack. Every member of the pack hunts but these are the main hunters. 5/5 Open

Lead Scout: The lead scout is the leader of the scouts and there can only be one. Open

Scout: The scouts are the scavengers of the pack they will hunt small creatures and help survey the land with warriors. 3/3 Open

Pup Watchers: The name kind of explains this rank. These wolves watch the pups. These can be the most vicious members of the pack because they must be to protect the pups from predators. There are up to three pup watchers. 3/3 Open

Subordinates: These are non ranked members of the pack. They will still participate in fighting and hunting. Open

Omega: Omegas are the lowest of the low in the pack, Lower then subordinates. Don't be surprised of they don't get much respect if any at all. they are put into the position if they have disrespected the alpha. Open

Pups: You know what these are

Please be sure to ask me before placing yourself in any rank.

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Name: light feather
Gender: female (she wolf)
Age:6moons ( basically a preteen)
Runs through forest "ugh I need a pack before those dogs catch up ohh there's one I just hope they accept me" other dogs "hey get her!!!" Light feather "too late to turn back now"

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Name: Ruby

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Rank: rouge

Species: wolf

sexuality: bisexual

personality: rude sometimes,grumpy,dosent share her feelings,sarcastic

Likes: Night,peacefull pleaces,fights

Dislikes: Sunlight,annoying wolves,loud noices,pups (puts she can have some in the future)

Parents: mother Dew father duke

Siblings: None, Open

Mate: None, Open, Rp first


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Name: Goldenwing

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Rank: assasin

Species: wolf

sexuality: bisexual

personality: friendly,funny,silly,helpful,kind

Likes: Adventures,sunlight,running in the forest while its night

Dislikes: rude wolves,cars,humans

Parents: mother Night father sun

Siblings: None, Open

Mate: None, Open, Rp first

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Hey everyone! I recently decided to add a rouge wolf option. You can have a pack wolf and also a rouge wolf or just a pack wolf. When you make the rouge wolf just take off the rank when you put in the description.

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4 years
Gender female
Rank assasin
Crush no one
Mate open
Pups none
Weakness not being involved
Strengths fighting being leader
likes being friends with people
Dislikes having enemies
Personality kind and fierce
flaws she can kill a wolf of her own pack when she gets mad
bio Snowclaw always wanted to be the alpha or beta but she became an assasin she is also a pretty great one too

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Name: Baisha
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Rank: Beta
Crush: open
Mate: open
Pups: none
Likes: Snow, swimming, Playing outside with pups, and hunting with her pack. She also enjoys teaching pups how to hunt their own prey.
Dislikes: Traitors, mountain lions, heat, sunny days and mean wolves.
Strengths: She is a very fast runner and is a good teacher to pups
Weaknesses: (you must have this) can be inpatient, public/pack speaking
Flaws: not a good hunter, can be lazy,
Personality: laid back, timid, generally happy
Bio: Baisha loves to spend winter days going out and spending time with other wolves pups. She spends her free time teaching pups how to hunt and play. Baisha is a very fast runner but she struggles to actually catch her prey/ kill it. She is good friends with the leader of the pack. Baisha has good eyesight so the pack uses her to help spot out large packs of prey at a time. Baisha enjoys the cold but hates warm weather, but she can tolerate it.

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Name: Jade
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years (22 moons)
Rank: Sentinel
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Pups: Open
Likes: Being accepted into the group, hanging out with other wolves and the pups
Dislikes: not being included, loneliness, memories of past troubles
Strengths: making friends, fighting
Weaknesses: depression at unusual times and anger issues due to past
Personality: Very friendly, brave, and mature for her age. She fears of her past at all times.
Bio: Jade was born on a stormy, windy morning. Her parents who were unusually rogue wolves abused her (mostly er father who forced the mother to do so too), she was lonely at the beginning of her life. Her father died soon after of starvation and her mother could not take care of her without thinking about how much her father abused her. So, she left Jade in the forest to die. Fortunately, a pack wolf found her and adopted her. The wolves soon learned how friendly, brave, and trustworthy she was and put her in the sentinel rank. She lived fearing her past as her past haunted her every move....

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Name: Katao
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Rank: Warrior
Crush: open
Mate: open
Pups: None
Personality: Quiet and shy, but kind and fiercely protective
Bio: Katao's father left the pack when Katao was a young pup, and he took Katao's brothers with him. Soon after, his mother was killed by hunters. He doesn't talk about it much and changes the subject when someone brings it up.

Make sure when you join that you post your character.
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