Hello Boardthingers,

We will be going out of beta soon and are at the point where we need a business model. At the moment our plan is a freemium model, with some features available in the free version and some features in the paid version.

We have a couple of questions for you:

1) Given the features we currently have, which of them would you be willing to pay for? What do you think would be a fair (monthly subscription) price for those features?

2) What additional features do you want to see that would be worth paying for? What do you think would be a fair (monthly subscription) price for those features?

3) Do you have other ideas for how we can develop our business model? If so please share them here.


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Hi everyone!

Our CTO +gareth marland just released a new version of Boardthing. The changes were on the back-end and designed to increase speed and improve stability. We hope there will be less bugs -- but if you could get on there and subject it to some rough treatment, we would really appreciate it. Let us know if it acts funny!



After participating yesterday in the exploration of Boardthing at the MAFN webinar, I had a Skype chat with Dave Gray, the owner of the thing.
So I went to bed last night with a head full of impressions. This night I slept, dremt and pondered on it. As a result, I woke up this morning with the next version in my mind. :-) I want to take some time later this day to write down my take, for what its worth. Six hours ahead of Saint Louis, I'll allow my self breakfast first. :-)
Spoiler: Ownership is key in setting rules, priveleges, boundaries and goals. And Paul Boon did hit the nail asking for connecting lines.

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I used Boardthing this week with a client and it was terrific.  I had played with it before but hadn't used it to do 'actual' work.

I am helping a client prepare a presentation for an upcoming conference.  He was in Qatar this week.   One of his staff who was working on the presentation and demos was in Melbourne.  I wanted to review their preparation and make sure they had an effective narrative structure, as the foundation for building their presentation.

We used Skype and I shared a board with them.  We started by mapping their top-level structure on cards, then I crafted a new story-line by re-ordering their cards and adding new points.  Then we fleshed out their points under the structure, by capturing additional ideas and deciding which ones we would use.

We finished with structure along the top and points below.  They were happy with the new outline and enjoyed using Boardthing.  I left them to translate the board into the first version of a Powerpoint presentation.

Boardthing was a great enabling tool for this type of remote work.  It made the interaction very easy due to the flexible layout options, like post-it notes on a wall, and because each participant could see and contribute in real time.

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I made this Impact/Effort Matrix Template to use in BoardThing for a meeting tomorrow... thought I'd share...

Pen tool and eraser tool are live! Check it out! :)

Okay, I still can't figure out how to dot vote.  Other people dot vote. What am I missing?

Any plans to add chat capability for iPad browsers? Or is it there and I'm not seeing it?
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