Well of anyone even cares about this comunity anymore please share

Trains rigorously in sword combat

At this very moment I'm removing anyone who has joined and not made a profile
Principal DeathStroke

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Name: Penelope Elsa Ray 
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Loves: Reading, Writing, and Deep-thinking 
Hates: Annoying people, Loud people, and Early Mornings
Personality: Her Personality is always changeable 
Race: Human/ Tiger 
Powers: Transform into a Tiger when she wants 

It would help the school if all the students and teachers spread the word of the school
Principal DeathStroke

Announced over the intercom Principal DeathStroke shall be sparing with anyone who needs extra training

I walk the halls checking on students and teachers 

I sit in front of the school writing in an agenda

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leans on the wall drinking a cup of coffee ((open rp))

open (but continued with +Sophia Chase and +Damian Bartelson )
laughs are you serious
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