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He twirled his bloody axe as he landed it between your legs, eyes going red, letting axe go slightly as he went to say something, and his voice is a bit distorted with two tones.

Give me one reason not to chop your legs off.

He had a small temper, finding out that you hurt his family, but you don't remember any of it because you were "forced" to. When you were able to look around before he striked you, you found rusted blood on the axe, and it made you nervous. Though, there is one secret about you both, but neither of you remember it.

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Name: Hatter
age: 16
race: Human
gender: Male
personality: outgoing, insane, rude.
he's well known for raiding the military of their supplies, aka, weapons, medicine, etc.
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falls in front of you all battered and bloody

GUYS GUYS!!!! tell me what you think of this race I created alright?

Race name: Scythes ((slightly overused I know but it makes sense if you keep reading :P))

Estimated age: They've been around for about a hundred years and are quite rare.

Estimated life span: Assumed immortal until proven otherwise.
Average appearance: Dark black hair, Black eyes, tall and thin with unusually white teeth, usually they have a tattoo on their cheek of a black scythe, a reminder of what they've been through as a people.

Powers: Flash stepping, self cloaking, shadow manipulation, cellular regeneration ((Also known as insanely fast healing and recovery rates, you could watch their wounds close.)) they also tend to be pretty good necromancers.

Average personalities: Slightly emotionless, seem to be drawn towards bloodshed and violence.

Breeding rate: Really slow.

Past: The scythes were created through experimentation on a few   hundred elves by taking the blood of some creatures and the immense dark energy that seems to be readily available but rarely drawn on in this world and injecting it into their bodies this would normally cause a massive reaction and the death of the majority of them but no, the subjects were in top condition and managed to survive creating the beings known as scythes, darkness merging within these people they forgot their past lives and now only  remember their moment of awakening into what they are now, the power they felt upon opening their eyes, the danger that they knew they were, they stared at the mages that had created them and listened while he called them the "scythes" speaking of how they would sweep the world cleansing it of all its impurities and make it again in their image, upon hearing this they set upon the foolish magic wielders and slayed them devouring their flesh and taking the great power they had gathered over the years, at that moment their transformation was made complete, the descent into darkness finally over as they searched for a place to call home, now wandering in obscurity across the world.

name: carl sanders (you can also call him light or darkness)

Name: David, Armand, prefers to be called, black ((his nickname from a friend that died was black bullet.))

Age: 18
Gender: M

Occupation: Soldier/mecha pilot.((Depends on the Roleplay))

Military rank:  Lieutenant 

Personality: Cold ((Difficult to become friends with because his life is constantly spent in war and people die every day so he doesn't want to get attached.)) intelligent, calm, collected, patient, cool under pressure.

Appearance: Brown eyes, Black hair, well toned muscles but kept lean for him to maintain extreme cardio endurance, scar on his left cheek from an enemy who got too close, a tattoo on his right bicep in the shape of a bullet, tall. 

Skills: Hand to hand combat, gun play, stealth, explosives

Quote: "War is my life, without it, I wouldn't be who I am."

Most likely theme song: Vox populi by thirty seconds to mars.

Bio: David grew up in a military camp, his father was a general but never had time for his son so David raised himself training himself nonstop with immense intensity until he was able to enlist for real. ((enlistment age is sixteen in this army)) Once he joined the actual military he was well above the normal physical peak, his discipline was impressive and he shot through the ranks making lieutenant in two years, but even as quickly as those years passed  much tragedy went by, he was naive in those two years allowing himself to get attached to people in his unit seeing them as friends only to see his best friend eviscerated in gun fire, now he's cold, he doesn't want to let himself get close to anyone else for fear they'll all end up dying.

species:spell castor
gender: Female
Description: Hair as dark as night, eyes as white as freshly fallen snow, skin as pale as the moon's light, she is 5'2" and normally wears all black except a small necklace that her mother gave her before she died.
Bio: Both of her parents were killed when she was 4 and she was taken in by the devil. She was born with special powers that the devil could use to kill thousands of people. She is able to control flame and heat. The devil has caused her to do many dark things that she had no control of. Over the years she has realized that she was meant to do things for the light, not for the dark but she couldn't stand up against the devil.

Raging flames blazed across the battlefield as one lone figure stood out over the broken and battered bodies eyes glowing with a malicious violet light and speaking in a refracted voice. "It seems the fools have endless supplies of matter they'll all fall before me." It laughed and threw it's head back it's voice echoing across the empty plains almost like a beast challenging any who wish to to question it's dominance. "Is there anyone among these corpses who believes themselves strong enough to defeat me?" He looked out over the piles of cadavers and laughed as the only response he heard was the sad wind howling over the bloody ground. "I suppose not..." He said at the moment feeling an inner balance between his two sides. "All that I seem to bring is the destruction of man and all other races it seems." He laughed again. "And what's wrong with that? I for one love watching the puny weaklings being crushed to death." He turned to look off in the distance as he felt someone nearing the area....(( +Neon Green and two other people at max lol))

Name: Xander
Age: 17 to 30 ((depends on the rp but he always looks to be in his teens))
Race: Seraphim
Personality: Serious, commanding, calculating, cold at times.
Quote: "Peace is something I dare not dream of."
Rare behavior: Smiling, making a joke, caring about himself.
Appearance: White hair, Broad shouldered and well muscled, slightly tanned skin, green eyes, 6'3.
Likes: Order, training, fighting, a good challenge.
Dislikes: risking people he cares for, traps.
Birth place: A village of warriors.
Abilities: Energy manifestation, commanding aura, temporary self enhancement.
Skills: Master of swordsmanship, unarmed combat, High speed, toughness, strength.
Weakness: Telekinetic attacks.
Fears: That he'll lead his followers to their deaths.
Bio: Born to fight Xander trained from a very young age, five in fact, everyday was nonstop fighting once he hit that age, He seemed to excel in combat beating down the combat master on his tenth birthday, it was discovered much later on around his fifteenth year, that the blood he was infused with, ((in the process of becoming a Seraphim as his village practices they infuse their children with the blood of higher beings.)) Had an extra patron when the infusion happened. ((I wont say who the patrons are because it would take away from Xander's story line)) His blood being more pure and powerful than the other's in his village, he was deemed to dangerous to continue living in the village and banished to fend for himself,, all he knew was fighting, social interactions were difficult for him but something about him commanded respect from others so he was attacked rarely, eventually he became a warrior of great renown and respect.

Name Lilith
Age immortal but appears 14
Looks long black hair with pale skin and eyes that will trap you
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