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Great work LoneWingman, who created this beautiful field in response to the frogs significantly smaller attack. Lets hope it lasts until the check point at 4 am :-)

Hey guys, PowerWeilder here. Just reminding everyone that scoring is calculated via mind units (people) covered under your fields at the time of the checkpoints, which clock around every five hours. So while connecting 3 close portals is time-efficent and great for levelling up, creating fields that cover all or part of suburbs it better for scoring. This is why its also handy to attack enemy portals which have a lot of links/fields connected to it, rather than just grabbing the odd portal here or there.

Howdy, I'm numloxx (lvl 10 ingressor ) from Perth, coming to spend a few days in Cairns next week, hoping to catch up with my fellow smurfs :) Is there a hangout that you guys use for comms?

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I think I know who's going to get this first cough+Rita Walker*cough*
New XM Recharged Stat and Recharger Medals!

Recharged Portals are safe and efficient Portals. Veteran agents know the importance of proper Portal maintenance.

Are you an effective team? Agents who recharge play an important role for their faction. The new Recharger Medals recognizes this valuable contribution for faction operations.

Check out your agent profile (OPS->AGENT) in your Scanner to view your latest statistics for successful Exotic Matter transfer to Resonators.

Note: XM was previously too volatile to track safely, but new technology allows your Scanner to track this statistic going forward. So starting today, all agents will begin with a fresh start for this stat. Also note that it can take up to 15 minutes from when you successfully transferred XM to when the stat will be updated on your agent profile.

Exotic Matter is power. Exotic Matter is life. Recharge your Portals in good health and have fun out there.

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Well, well, well... look who wants to come and hang out with the cool blue kids!

Do we have Gladstone members in here? I will be in town on Friday.

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Thought this might be handy for those who have found themselves running out of power at just the wrong time...
Need a little extra juice for your gadgets? These five great battery packs, nominated by our readers, will keep your gear powered up on the go:

To any new Resistance Fighters out there, don't forget to make yourself known, either here or in the in-game chat. The game is best played as a team - in fact, from a certain stage can only be played as a team - so check in and make some new friends :)

New portal at the Showgrounds Entrance... someone go get!

To the four (or future) people waiting authorisation to join this group:
- If you are already in the game, please contact me within the in-game chat letting me know your username-real name matchup, and I'll activate you here.
- If you are in the game, but not local enough for me to see it, contact me the next time you are in the area via the chat.
- If you are not in the game, contact me via the email link in my profile (if you haven't already) and I'll see what I can do to get you an invite. Make sure either your profile or your email to me mentions where you are - we would prefer that any invites when to people who could play locally.

Everyone else: let me know (via any one of the many methods y'all have to get in touch with me) if you have any invite you can spare for some n00bs :-)
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