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When you think of gas chambers, you automatically think of the inhumane actions that Nazi's practiced during WW2 . but little did you know that our own government approves of these actions. Want to find out more? Click the link below to find other methods the government uses to execute inmates awaiting their execution.

Fabulous! This was a really interesting topic to read about. I hope to see more work like from you guys!

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This was a great article, I really enjoyed reading it.

Good ideas, guys. This was really thought out :p

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One reason that the death penalty isn't fair is because of humans and their tendency to have bias. We believe that there needs to be more order before anyone attempts to take a life. Check out this article to find out more about the death penalty and negligence.

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Killing others, for whatever reason, is inhumane. SImply put, it is just wrong, and too expensive anyway. Join us in reforming capital punishment and click here to learn more about how to deal with the convicts

Millions of tax payers money is going to waste. How you may ask? By spending money on the death penalty cases, we spend over a million dollars compared to regular cases. Find out how much each state pays for these cases by clicking in the link below.

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Join my community against capital punishment! Take a stand against negligence associated with the death penalty.

"Why do we kill people who kill people to show killing people is wrong?" A question that I am sure that has crossed all of our minds. There is no humane way to end a life, whether it be through hanging or injection, the death penalty is not right. True Justice League believes that everyone has a simple human right to life, and that it should not be taken away.
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