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My unfinished wolf drawing :4

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(I'm the one at the back, the black one)
Name: Jay's feather
Rank: med. Wolf
Pack: Water pack
Description: she has a silver feather with a light blue tip in her ear, she has a silver collar that humans put on her back when she was captured. She has strange silver markings all threw her fur, silver eyes
Personality: kind, caring, loving
Bio: she is traumatised, she saw her family get slaughtered one by one and watched her mentor fall to his death. She's Been captured by humans and bitten by her own kind, now she has deep respect by every one but she is still cursed to see all those she loves die in front of her eyes

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Name: Ticki (shorten the name.. It was Ticki Timeclock but I wanted it shorter)
Personality: nice, trickster, goofy, fun, crazy
Pack: breeze
Role: cub
Likes: having fun
Dislikes: punishment
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