Question: I was doing a Google Classroom demo this morning and when adding an assignment I noticed the feature "Students can view", Students can edit", Each student gets a copy" is missing. Was this feature deleted? If so, please, please bring it back!!!

Would be great if File > Make a copy created a copy of the file inside the same folder, or at least give the option to move the file copy. After making a lot of file copies, it's frustrating that we need to do extra organization. 

If I have a public folder (all the contents of which are also public), how can I let users browse that folder within my app without them needing to sign in?

We have several users, some outside out organization, who upload files to our Drive. We need to have ownership of those files and currently, users outside our organization cannot change ownership of the files they upload. Our workaround is copying files so we own them... but when we get an uploaded folder containing 100+ images, this is a huge pain!

Would be great if:
Administrators could change file/folder ownership
Users can copy folders, instead of just files

Hi, I'd really like a "find orphaned items" button - currently there doesn't seem to be any way of doing this if you don't know the name of an orphaned item.


Can we please have the option to upload fonts to Google Docs? Or use fonts from our own computers? I really need this feature so we can fully switch to using drive for all our print needs.

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Before seven months ago, it was possible to hide a file by setting the labels.hidden parameter to true. This can be very useful, especially in Mac-heavy work environments where users are using Google Drive Sync, and end up with a meta data file for every synced file. These files start with "._ " and will always appear first in any folder viewed from the web console. We would love to see this bug fixed in the API. Otherwise, could this be integrated with Drive to make the product more user-friendly on a Mac?

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+Eric Koleda Any chance you could highlight and with the appropriate team? Rather than prioritise on the usual how-many-people-starred-the-issue basis, it would be great if it could be prioritised on the basis of, google-has-been-aware-of-this-bug-for-two-years-and-its-embarrassing-to-not-have-it-fixed-coz-its-royally-screwing-our-developers. 

I use Google Drive for work and I would like to have a feature to mark a folder for off line presence on GD for iPad and android. Right now, we can mark individual files but not folders. I need a particular folder to be up to date and available offline. #googledrive   #googledriveapp   #ipad   #android  

Labels for Google Drive (not just Stars) so we can flexibly group important files.
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