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This is not the community you're looking for

If you have questions or comments about using Google Drive the product, then you want to do to the Google Docs and Drive community linked below. This community is intended for software developers that use the Drive SDK and APIs. 

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Hello everyone. I have a problem with the Google Drive API.

I am new to this, but I managed to implement the Drive and Picker APIs with many functions more than 2 months ago and everything worked correctly.
Unfortunately now I realize that it no longer allows access to any other gmail account, except for the account with which the credentials were created in console.developer.
It shows a message that reads: "The application has not been verified, Google has not verified this application yet, continue only if you know your developer and the developer is trustworthy."

These messages not only go out on my website in which I implement it, but also in Google Drive API quickstarts used with other credentials, that is, it seems to be a global change, not a problem of my credentials or my website.

Someone knows what I could do, what steps I have to take to make it back to the way it used to be before using Drive and Picker with any Gmail account.

Thank you very much.

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I've just started copying quite a lot of files to Google Team Drive from My Drive. They're disappearing from my Drive but not reappearing yet in Team Drive. I don't have any info on screen about the progress of the migration. Anyone know if this is normal or how long the process takes.

There are quite a lot of files(!) to move - about 10GB 

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Which third-party services do you use in the Google cloud?

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ISO help how to delete my storage I have 7.67 worth of storage and only have 8 gigs how do you delete storage please help

I have video on google drive storage. Hơw can i get video stream for videojs ( jwplayer) ,...i try but i fails

Issue with accessing files via Google Drive API

I have a web app written with PHP that lets users grab the pick the files from Google Drive, and open it in the web app. I use Google Picker to grab the File ID and store it in DB.

Later, the I use the PHP to get the file from Google Drive via API, using Access Tokens.

The problem happened yesterday, when bunch of files saved this way couldn't be opened. The error was like this:

"error": {\n
"errors": [\n
"domain": "global",\n
"reason": "notFound",\n
"message": "File not found: 0B1vdUkEgSstuSm1lTjNmdkdZQ00.",\n
"locationType": "parameter",\n
"location": "fileId"\n
"code": 404,\n
"message": "File not found: 0B1vdUkEgSstuSm1lTjNmdkdZQ00."\n

A file not found error. The access token is fine, and not expired. The problem is, it happens occasionally and makes it difficult to debug.

Why is this happening all the sudden? Any ideas?


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