Is there any way in Google Drive v3 REST APIs to know whether an item in drive or it's parent is 'root' directory? Coz in earlier version there's a dedicated boolean field called isRoot in parent[] attribute for a file, but it was then removed from v3..
Any help is appreciated..

How much time it takes to revoke token in google drive api when we called to

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Malformed multipart body when requests have Content-Disposition

We have two version of our product that use v2 and v3 versions of the Google Drive API.
Starting two days ago, we started getting '400 Bad Request' errors when uploading files. The issue seems to be with the 'Content-Disposition' header. If this header is in the request, the API is returning 400 Bad Request.
This just started happening two days ago. Was this a deliberate change?

Hello, I am trying to list all google drive files in my application and want to use ember js for implementing this . I am a fresher in ember coding.Is there any way to list all the google drive files in my application using ember ?

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Hello There
I want to ask a question...
I am using google drive api v3 in node js and I want to upload a part of a file(not the whole file) to google drive since it's using streams it should be achievable but I don't know how ....can somebody guide me ho to achieve that
thanks in advance

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How do I publish my method.
There is a solution of "N-queens problem" more easier than ever.
How do I publish that.
Please help me.

Is anyone else getting porn emails from the group? Could we can an admin to fix this issue please?

Can Anyone Report an Annoying post and user in here ?
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