Naming your business. LLC. I'm spiraling down into naming paralysis and thus not getting it done.
Who's there, who's named theirs, and who's got advice? gaaah.

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Hey everyone. I've FINALLY got the video from Curt Donahue on my site. Have a look and lemme know what you think. 

ok, so class is over, but I really enjoyed hanging out with y'all outside of class. Does downtown work for everyone to get a drink soon again? maybe the week after Memorial Day? 

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This class is being offered Thursday afternoons for 5 weeks starting the 15th .

Great article on how great entrepreneurs have dealt with adversity before becoming successful. Like Nancy said in a class that resonated with me, "if a small business owner tells you that he/she didn't deal with any major life changing issues when starting their business, their not telling you the truth"

Great presentations! Loved hearing everyone's dreams. Also after class beer was good too!

Google classes start in T-Minus 46 minutes.

Marvin answered my question first!  

I talked to Judy and we thought it would be cool to see who wants to meet before next Thursdays class around 4 at Rock Bottom Brewery. Have a drink on the patio and conversate.

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