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Is there a forum? I need to find a story, and I have been looking for a damn long time. Can anyone link me a forum that would be suitable for posting on this? Thanks. (Nothing seems to be available except this, which isn't exactly great).

I Written Great Stories But Can't Figure Out How To Upload Them
I Go Crossed Eyed Trying To Follow The Directions
I'm So Confused

New Jersey Shore here...... But work up North Woodbridge area......

Anyone around St. Louis?

I'm looking for a non-erotic site similar to Nifty where I can publish stories intended for the general public. My mom wrote several novels that she never finished before her death 2 years ago. I own them now and would like to share them but don't know where. Can y'all gimme recommendations please?

I just added a new chapter in Tommy's Family, a bi-incest story, and one in Secret Desire under gay-urination. They're pretty hot, so you may want to wait until you have time to take care of yourself while reading. If you know what i mean.....

Anyone in the Dominican Republic?

I must say, I wish this community were more active. I think it makes a great place to connect. It reminds me of the old Nifty Writer's forum. +Sherman Buck Has been very active. Thanks for your interesting contributions.
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