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Anybody has ANY idea of who is stronger than whom amongst these 3 coz I don't.

Zeref Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel
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Top 5 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters
1.)Natsu Dragneel
[E.N.D Written] [Idk man]
2.)Black Wizard" Zeref Dragneel
[Full Power](Fairy Heart)
3.)"Dragon of Apocalypse" Acnologia
[Dragon Mode]
4.)"Dragon King" Igneel
[Full power]
5.)"General Spriggan" August
[Red Transformation]

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Sub-Relativistic Fairy Tail Debunk

^Now I, myself, have been using this calc for ages and have thought it to be right.

While nothing is wrong with the calc itself, the speed is a straight outlier.

^The calc here shows that the dragons who are massively faster than Erza and comparable to Acnologia being only Mach 570. Crippled Erza being Mach 6000 means she is more than 10x faster than the dragons which is utterly ridiculous seeing as how Erza needed Christina in order to escape from Acnologia.

What further backs this up is the fact that there has never been a feat of this caliber before therefore that also labells it as an outlier.

In conclusion, the God Tiers of FT are no more than MHS (possibly MHS+) in terms of speed as of now.

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So the blueberry got crushed by acnologia

You guys still think acnologia is going 100% on Jellal? Lmao 
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Death Battle

Juvia lockser Of the great sea & Meredy [X792]


Dojigiri Ezel & Jackal

State difficulty

Meredy can boost herself and Juvia.

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Top 15 strongest FT slayers

1 . The black dragon Acnologia
2 . Scarlet despair Irene Belserion
3 . END Natsu Dragneel
4 . Hybrid theory God Serena
5 . Laxus Dreyar
6 . Black steel Gajeel Redfox [Tied]
6 . Gray Fullbuster [Tied]
7 . Grim reaper Bloodman
8 . The shadow dragon Future Rogue Cheney
9 . The white dragon Sting Eucliffe
10 . Absolute zero Silver Fullbuster
11 . Sherria Blendy [Tied]
11 . Sky sorceress Wendy Marvell [Tied]
12 . Cobra Erik
13 . The shadow dragon Rogue Cheney
14 . Orga Nanagear
15 . Zancrow

Top 30 strongest FT woman

1 . Scarlet despair Irene Belserion
2 . Valkyrie DiMaria Yesta
3 . Titania Erza Scarlet
4 . Country demolisher Brandish Myu
5 . The demon Mirajane Strauss
6 . White ribbon Kagura Mikazuchi
7 . Ur Milkovich
8 . Sherria Blendy
9 . Sky sorceress Wendy Marvell
10 . The time mage Ultear Milkovich
11 . Goddess of the slave planet Kyoka
12 . Goddess of the chill moon Seilah
13 . Minerva Orlando
14 . Fairy hunter Erza Knightwalker
15 . Princess Lucy Heartfillia
16 . Ikaruga
17 . Juvia Lockser Of the sea
18 . Meredy
19 . Angel Sorano Agria
20 . Yukino Agria
21 . Evergreen
22 . Imitatia
23 . Cosmos
24 . Kamika
25 . Briar
26 . Cana Alberona
27 . Levy McGarden
28 . Lisanna Strauss
29 . Sherry Blendy
30 . Flare Corona

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How strong was Natsu (tenrou arc) during the GMG arc?

To put it shorty he was fodder af.

To put it into more detail here is natsu vs max alors: (note this is all based before second origin was introduced) (Spreads throughout the chapter)

Natsu had to use lightning spell in order to defeat Max

The same lightning spell that was needed in order for natsu to overwhelm hades tho he did it more casually. But the fact that he had to use lightning spells speaks a lot.

And in order to know how strong Max is or any of the FT members were (except for the ones on tenrou)

Max himself was indirectly called a fodder by one of the members

And FT has never won in the GMG competitions:

And sabertooth has been number one ever since:

Which implies that sabertooth members>>>>>>>> FT members.

So powerscaling wise:
Jiemma>minverva>sting and rogue>>>>>>>>>Natsu(insert gray,lucy,gajeel,erza ,etc)>(with some difficulty) Max.

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