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All good things must come to an end, right?

Wrapping up the course:

- Expect to receive TWO emails in the next few weeks. The first will be your official "congratulations on becoming a Hapara Champion Educator" email that will come from Lindy/Beth. This will include all information that I am stating here plus more. The second email will come from Hapara and will include your Champion Educator certificate.

- Please complete the attached Final Reflection and Feedback form. It will not take much time, and we use the feedback to improve the Champion Certification program. I will also send this in your congrats email, but I will give you a head start.

- Educator is the first of 3 levels in the Hapara Champion Certification program. The next level is Champion Scholar. We hope you all apply to join us for the next Scholar cadre! I don't know specific dates yet of the next Scholar cadre but stay tuned!

- This Google+ community will remain for now but not be actively facilitated as we want all graduates to move into the official Hapara Champion Certification Program Google+ community. This is the community with ALL Hapara Champions and this is where we will continue collaborating and sharing. The link to the Champion Google+ community will be included in the "Congrats" email for those that graduate.

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Just finished this Workspace - having fun with the HTML styling. Really wish that Doctopus could ingest documents from Hapara as well as Google Classroom. Hint. Hint. ;)

One more graduate! +Kyle Hansen

Will we get notified of further trainings to apply for, now that we have achieved the Champion stage?

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Feeling disappointed!!! Unfortunately last week was my Lamb and Calf day and to those NZ'ers on here you will understand the enormity of the event and with us being a 2.5 teacher (one of those being me - teaching principal) school Hapara didn't get a look in. Are we able to continue or do we have to sign up again when the next programme is available?

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Hi +Linda Hockenbury Unfortunately my bike and I had an argument. I have posted my workspace but haven't been back to use it yet.

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Thank you for joining the cadre and letting me learn from you. It was a pleasure getting to know each one of you!

I am working my way through reviewing your Workspaces and so far I am SUPER IMPRESSED at the quality of the Workspaces! There are some excellent examples that really demonstrate the ease of differentiation in Workspace.

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A couple more graduates this morning!

+Jane Thomson
+Joseph Cremona
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