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The 9

We heard enough rumors about the anniversary iPhone 8. It's not yet sold but that's abso-fucking-lutely unimportant for writers committed to alternate truths and clicks.

A thrill of anticipation comes up from now on with endless talks about the successor of a still non-existing device.

Here's Mike Brown on YAHOO Tech. You might know it's the company well-known for it's late disclosure of hacked accounts. But this time they'll do it better. Reclaiming their reputation they tell us everything about the 9.

• L-shaped battery
• OLED Display
• 2 Sizes 5.28" and 6.46"
• A12 processor 7nm transistor channel length

if you have further questions.
Maybe he also accepts preorders.

Thanks Yahoo.

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Do you want it completely edge to edge, it doesnt really bother me tbh.

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So the new #iphone is not going to be completely edge to edge like we thought, there's a leak from a shipping company that has taken picture of the #iphone8 . Thoughts? Do you want it completely edge to edge, it doesnt really bother me tbh..

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The Critical Mass

Physicians talk about the Critical Mass as an amount of material (such as plutonium) that is large enough to allow a nuclear reaction to occur.

For business people the Critical Mass is the point at which a growing company becomes self-sustaining and no longer needs additional investment to remain economically viable.

Well, Apple is already a self-sustaining company, right? Or do they still need additional investments by their loyal customers?

A price of $1,200 for an iPhone might cause the above mentioned nuclear reaction and it's not yet clear wether it will increase the fruit company's revenues significantly. It also cannot be excluded that the contrary will happen in markets where Apple is massively under pressure, e.g. China and Europe.

Is it a further step to totally cover the market of mobiles for the rich?

What does the Critical Mass mean for Apple's loyal but not so well funded iPhone fans or for people willing to migrate from their current ecosystem into Apple's?

Lots of questions.
We'll get the answer in fall and when analyzing the following SEC Form 10-Q filings.

Btw, my Critical Mass is less than $1,000.
This should include a wireless charger!

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The iWheel

Did you ever use an iPhone in a tropical country like Thailand (ประเทศไทย)? The country is well-known for its excellent spicy food but also a challenge when it comes to touch screens.

Clammy fingers are like brakes when using gestures like drag, flick or pinch.

That's definitely the most annoying bug in the design of bio-machines like human beings and there is no update available.

So ...

The next iPhone should come with the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch for navigating, scrolling, and accessing the multitasking view.

I'm sure I'll cause laughter.
Sir Jonathan would more than likely say:
"It makes you want to throw up."

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The new iPhone 8 is has so many new things.

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To survive publishing media need clicks.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet just because there is a picture with some text next to it or the author is a well-known Apple Guru.

Do don't get nervous if you eagerly await the X. No doubt whatsoever if anything has to be fixed they'll manage it.

In contrast to the new US Government and its leader Apple was always well-known for its

Yes, we can.

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To the Trump fans:
Just see my statement about the POTUS as fake news.


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