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The big switcher-oo is looking like a reality, not a myth. Has the Android honeymoon ended?

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Fall 2017
the 10th anniversary of Steve's masterpiece

Fanboys are on their way to an Apple Store trying to grab an 8. But wait, some of them return without iLoot in an awesome anniversary packaging.

Is it because it's $1200?
Is it because there aren't enough available?
or, what would be the worst case
Is it because they are disappointed and think about switching to a Korean 8?

Good morning to all living in Asia.
(Video taken with an iPhone 6S Plus)

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Not sure if I ever shared this with you here. I recently purchased a new phone to use for a second line. There is a lot of choice out there nowadays and I opted for the compact yet powerful iPhone SE. Check out my thoughts in the video.

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#Apple has developed a way to "blindly" dial 911 emergency services using your fingerprint for authentication. #TouchID #iPhone

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Use this fast!

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Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7

Most often people with unhealthy mental throwbacks talk about their beloved company as if it’s a political candidate running for control of the universe.

A phone might not seem to be something worth fighting over, but what it stands for most definitely is.

A fanboy immediately turns into a hostage. Hostages have no choice but to buy certain products. They are far less likely to care if one device is better than another. It’s the choosing one thing over another which leads to narratives about why you did it. If you have to rationalize why you bought a luxury item, you will probably find ways to see how it fits in with your self-image.

Now it's time to cool down and read about some properties of the two big hardware rivals.

Please note, this post is just about the two premium devices. It's not about the ecosystem behind the two companies, it's not about their leaders, their commitment to privacy, environment, diversity, tax avoidance, market share, etc.

These are just some of the areas members with different preferences like to talk about in the comment section. I'll keep a close eye on trolls trying to incite one of these totally useless nuclear platform wars.

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Taking photos is an essential use case of today's smartphones which may even replace SLRs. See some stunning photos taken with an S8+ by our community owner +Stefan Svartling.


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Armed with these tips you should be able to get a little more time out of your mobile data connection before needing to cough up more cash or pay extra for going over your monthly limit

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[iPhone Photography] Canal Shot.
Canal run today.
Sharing this nice 6pm evening shot using my iPhone 6S.
Stay healthy, guys!

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iPhone 7 Prices from all around world!!
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