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Is Apple iCloud safe enough to backup all my photos and music or should I rely on other services? Sean Westbrook delves into this hot topic and offers advice for those trusting Apple. 

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Special Ad
Designed by TBWA and Apple

Advertising is at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers. The purpose is to convince customers that a company’s products and services are the best, enhance the image of the company, point out and create a need, demonstrate new uses for established products, and announce new products.

Among technology companies, Apple is often perceived to have something that rivals like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and others don’t have …

That indefinable element of coolness.

A cornerstone of cultivating this specific image is the company’s advertising, especially the 30-second spots that air on television.

In 1984 the long history of exceptional advertising started with the iconic Super Bowl commercial that introduced the Macintosh to the world.

While all products share common qualities – style and ease of use – Apple and its advertising agency take very different approaches to get that message across.

Despite their differences, Apple ads have in common at least one major advantage over many competitors’ commercials:

Regardless of whether you love or hate the spots or slogans you’ll likely remember them.

That’s the first step to building a brand well-known all over the world.

Some Apple haters like to say the company is only successful because of marketing. The masses are so entranced by Apple advertising that they’re blind to the existence of other, potentially better products.


A product is nearly perfect if it fits your needs. It becomes perfect if it's additionally durable, well-designed, supported, and built by a company which takes care of more than just their products.

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Apple iPhones have come a long way. This year apple has been celebrating 10th anniversary of its iPhone series. so lets have a look at how iPhones have evolved over the period of these 10 years.

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Healthcare System

If you look on Apple's R&D you'll see a strategy. New technology, hardware and software, focuses more and more on healthcare professionals and patients.

In this context
iPad and Apple Watch are key hardware.

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For the real Apple data obsessives...

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The new homepod has really good audio quality. For information about the speakers check out this video.

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The statistics don't show it

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Another battle

Some facts (we all are faced with lots of fake news in our times, so hopefully these are well-researched facts) about another battle ...

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Will it be called the iPhone 8? I'm skeptical, what abkut you?

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Getting more out of enterprise IT
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