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Check out the video for information on the ipad pro 2.

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How to get more from your tablet

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Only at a first glance they are competitors

in a more detailed comparison we can see that they are quite different. Their creator's view on the future of computing and their priorities are different as well.

I use the Surface Pro but the only reason why I do so is that I still support my former colleagues who work on a Windows-based application for auditors. It uses Microsoft Office Automation (connecting Office apps like Access and Word/Excel to automatically transfer data from a database into Office documents) which isn't available on Apple devices, neither on an iPad nor on a Mac.

Thanks for 💧ping by.

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The next level

When Apple released its first iPad in 2010, forward-looking universities around the world started research studies on how this device could be integrated into learning and teaching.

There are many representatives of the educational system still getting euphoric when it comes to iPads in schools or universities.

That is basically positive as it forces all the people involved to try to go new ways. Teachers always look for techniques to generate interest and keep motivation on a high level. But they are also responsible for the young people and cannot delegate this responsibility to a device. Success and positive results in learning and teaching with an iPad is no automatism. It’s hard and subtle work to adjust all the parameters which give direction to new methods of learning.

Apple created the most advanced device, developers and users must now breathe life into it.

• Students love them
• Good battery life
• Apps galore
• Platform for e-textbooks
• Communication tool
• Great content viewer and creator
• User-friendly to students with disabilities
• Light-weight and highly portable
• Fast and easy to use

Too expensive?

No, because of durability of the hardware and compatibility of the operating system over lots of hardware iterations.

One last thing ...

If we talk about the iPad we shouldn't forget to talk about Alan Kay, one of the key people who have shaped the way we are using computers today. He can be seen as the key scientist behind the graphical user interface and the object-oriented programming. Regarding Apple's success the most important thing Steve Jobs overtook from Alan Kay was the belief that

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Jobs made it to one of the core principles of Apple.

Sadly one of Kay's most prominent targets for the educational system cannot be realized with an iPad. It still lacks the capability of being a programming tool.

Hey Apple, this should be your next step.

More ...

Thanks for reading.

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Closing Apps has evolved in #iOS11 for iPad Users. Here's how to do it.

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iTunes on an iPad?

Hey Apple.

I have an iPhone and I'd like to buy your new iPad Pro ("Pro" stands for "Professional", right?).

How can I Restore/Recover/Backup my iPhone with iTunes on an iPad?

Thanks for any help.


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I like this guy's video. Got just got the 10.5 inch iPad 

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Can't wait. Should have it in the next couple of days. 

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After having my iPad Air 9.7" glass broken couple times (by my kids), I decided to get glass screen protector by Tantek.

You get two-pack for around $10 from Amazon. This was a good thing that there was two. I broke the first one by not putting in carefully. Fortunately, I was able to put the second one on.

The fit is good and feels just like glass (because it is glass).
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