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switch without stress using this simple guide

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But will information like this help Apple increase iPad sales?

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About Polls

Polls can be an exciting way to engage lots of members in a community not only in voting but also in discussing and explaining one's own choice.

But you should take your time to create an easy to understand question - leaving no room for further interpretation - as well as unequivocally choices. In addition it goes without saying that members don't like thin content.

If the comment section is slowly filled with questions about your poll it will be removed. It might also be that a moderator already removed it from the "Held for Review" queue because of uselessness or community rule violation.

People joined an Apple community to read about Apple products and the company. If not they won't hit paydirt.

There are lots of other communities they can join where it's welcome to create posts which are not dedicated to just one brand.

It's well-known that there are lots of members just being interested in Apple products but they purchase devices from other vendors for what reason soever. It's also well-known that many people try to defend their ego purchase decision without mercy if others disagree with their choice. So platform wars - mostly between Apples and Droids - are incited. There is no need to flame anyone down just because he disagrees. So, inciting wars or going ballistic is followed by a ban from the community.

People have different preferences and therefore it's not only pretty much stupid to convince others from one's own decision but even pathological.

Note ...

Our community rules don't allow polls referring to different platforms or manufacturers and asking "Which is better ..." . If you personally want an answer to this question we strongly suggest a Google search. The Internet is full of reviews and you'll get much more reliable information than from your poll in a community unequivocally dedicated to just one brand.

More ...

How to find free-to-use images


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iCloud Tutorial: What is iCloud & How to Use It?

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want to clear some clutter from your iPhone?
want to delete some old ringtones from your iPhone?
then checkout these 2 different methods to do so;

and if you face any issue, do let me know. I’d be happy to solve your queries

Ive never been able to understand, but what makes Apple's OS (for the laptops and desktops) so good? I've had people tell me it is so much better than windows and easy to use, but I have been having a lot of trouble using it whenever I use my Mac desktop. Is it because I'm used to windows 10, or is it just preference?

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All updated facts related Download Cydia iOS 10.3.3

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iPhone 8 . Casting long shadows

As 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple fans are anticipating a blockbuster product, and the company is wary that scalpers will be out in force.

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