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Some tips to save your IPHONE from hacking....

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Not sure if I ever shared this with you here. I recently purchased a new phone to use for a second line. There is a lot of choice out there nowadays and I opted for the compact yet powerful iPhone SE. Check out my thoughts in the video.

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AirPod users are in for a new feature once they install iOS 11 — better music controls when they tap their Earbuds. Here is what is coming and how to use it:

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Is Apple iCloud safe enough to backup all my photos and music or should I rely on other services? Sean Westbrook delves into this hot topic and offers advice for those trusting Apple. 

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© Copyright

If you want to share an image publicly ...

Most often you are faced with an insoluble problem. You neither find any note on the image which points to the creator or owner nor the Copyright symbol.

Don't share images which source is unknown.

Also ...

Don't share images which source is known and the author (e.g. Apple) doesn't allow their usage without written confirmation.

I'm sure you heard about cease-and-desist orders most often regarding illegal download of media content. Wether it's spamigation or legal you'll get into trouble and it may cost you a lot of bucks which would be much better invested in an awesome Apple product, right?

The details
including cases in which you can even
use images retrieved from Apple's website without permission

Apple's Guidelines

Thanks for reading.


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UI at its worst
Text Replacement

It's such a great feature but I hate this screen in iOS.

The text field is far too small to comfortably enter a bit more text than just a mail address or a text module like "Kind regards".

Please send feedback
before the spaceship launches iOS 11.


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Everything you need to know about iOS 10.3.3

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10.3 and 10.3.1 No Longer Sign - Download Cydia iOS 10.3.2

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Here are some some information on the new managing director of Apple in China #Apple #Technology #iPhone #china
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