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Apple says it will make the Shazam app 'ads free for all users' -- does that include Android?

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3 months of using it, just under 3,000 words and hopefully a kind of review that's actually useful.

I went in a phone shop and there was a 'New iPhones' display. I walked up to the nearest model and began playing with it. It was excellent - fast and responsive, great display, amazing. After 5 minutes I realised it was last year's iPhone X, selling at a slight discount. Oops!

I went to the next phone, the XS and began playing with that. I found it slower and less responsive. Only a tiny bit, but definitely not as good as the X. Of course, you can list specifications and show that the XS is better, but based on my 10 minutes with the display models, the X seemed better. I tried another XS in another store and it was no different, so it wasn't a one-off.

I saw an article on the web with identical photos from the X and XS, and I preferred the X photos - warmer, richer, more vibrant.

Has anyone else compared the X and XS side by side?

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Optimizing profits

The Cupertino’s are great on advertising products and optimizing profits. This is the reason why I space out purchases of iPhone replacements (I still use a 6s Plus) and it may happen that I’ll change my mind and completely switch to an Android-based device.

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Just those little talents you might have missed

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I think this may come in useful once you upgrade later on today.

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In this video I unbox the iPhone XS Max in Gold with 256GB of storage, this is my first look at the iPhone XS Max and I share my first Impressions with you. I will have a lot more videos coming up of the iPhone XS Max VS Note 9 VS Huawei P20 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Any questions let me know below.

#iphonexs #iphonexr #iphonexsmax #apple

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What would you do when you get your hands on any of the newly released iPhones? will you be crazy enough to throw it over 30ft?

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With costs over $1,000, you really, really, really want to put your new iPhone in a decent case...
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