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Today at iOS 10, it still doesn't come with any "File Manager" app for file management.

To cover this gap, I use the app "Readdle Documents" as my file manager on my iPhone and iPad.
(Readdle Documents is my favourite app on my iPad and it's more than just a file manager. But I could discuss that on another post another day)

Yesterday, Readdle update some of its apps an introduce a new and excellent feature that does "drag and drop files" across its apps on iPad split screen view.

For testing out, I'm using the Readdle Scanner Pro on the left and Readdle Documents on the right on my iPad Pro.
I could easily drag the image on the Readdle Scanner Pro app and "drop" it onto the Readdle Documents app on the right.
I must say the experience is satisfying.

Now, WWDC 2017 is round the corner early next month.
Do I want something like this on the iOS 11?
You bet!

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“She lost a middle finger before the nut went through her phone and her cheek, ending up lodged in her nose.”

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Still on the story of the first Apple Store opening in Southeast Asia...

Like the last statement: "And that's how you open a store".

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Today is the grand opening of the first Apple Store in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Here's the crowd right now at 7:45am 27th May Saturday, waiting for the opening of the store.
Photo taken from Twitter hashtag #appleorchardroad post.

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I love these videos 😆 what did we do before YouTube 

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Hey Apple, what's your take
on Microsoft's new Surface Pro?

A mobile device with the power of a computer? You don't have it. Have you ever asked yourself why iPad sales continuously decline? For normal people a big-sized smartphone does it all. There's no need for a tablet which runs the same OS like the smartphone.

Decades ago - and supported by lots of scientists of different academic disciplines today - Alan Kay already told us that people should learn the basics of programming. But with an iPad Pro you can't do it.

The MacBook isn't that mobile as Apple wants us to see it. And the iPad still lacks some essential features a computer is capable of.

So the next step (since years) should be a real hybrid like Microsoft created it already in 2002 with the Tablet PC.

I was a proud owner of a Siemens T4010 Convertible running Windows Tablet PC Edition. And I tell you, it was a great experience at that time and it's a great experience with my Surface Pro 4 today.

So again,
what's your answer to the Surface Pro, making use of a fanless architecture, with a powerful Intel Kaby Lake Core i-7000, running a full version of Windows 10, ready to install millions of powerful applications?

Just create a mPad running macOS with the option to also run iOS apps and Windows 10 via Bootcamp. Forget your Macbooks and give us an ocean-boiling new Mac Pro instead.

It's just my very personal opinion. Apple is the most successful company in the world led by an excellent staff so they'll have their good reasons not to do so. Sadly.

Thanks for 💦ing by.


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Did our concept images accurately predict what the iPhone 8 will look like?
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