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The X and the future growth of the iPhone company

I’m no shareholder I’m just a user.
So I’m interested in usability and user experience only. Hope to see Touch ID coming back next year and an affordable price to “line up all factors”.

Is there any app for Mac that can export an image in HEIF/.HEIC format (other than x265 and NOKIA's writerapp)? and Pixelmator can import HEIF files, but they can’t export.

By the way, HEIF format already benefits the iOS users as it saves the storage usage, but the current implementation is a bit disappointing.

- No HEIF export function on any built-in app on Mac. It's weird because HEVC video encoding is already supported on QuickTime.

- Safari for iOS and Mac has no HEIF support yet.

- The format itself supports YUV444, 422, 420, etc., but all the current implementations out there (NOKIA’s reference code, Google Photos, Apple and others) only support YUV420.

- Same goes for YCoCg. The format supports it, but the implementation does not.

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Forgot your Restrictions #passcode on your #iPhone and iPad and wish to recover it instantly without any data loss? You’ve arrived at the right post!

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Differential Privacy
iOS keeps you a Mr or Mrs A.N. Onymous.

Apple started collecting browsing data in Safari using its differential privacy technology.

Hey Tim, you told us multiple times that keeping our privacy is key for Apple. We all thought that Apple is pitching itself as the lone defender of user privacy in a sea of data-hungry companies.

Please explain yourself.

OK, there is a colleague who is a bit more tech-savvy than you so let us here what Craig Federighi has to tell us:

“Differential privacy is a research topic in the area of statistics and data analytics that uses hashing, sub-sampling and noise injection to enable this kind of crowdsourced learning while keeping the information of each individual user completely private.”

Differential privacy isn’t an Apple invention; academics have studied the concept for years. But with the rollout of iOS 10, Apple began using differential privacy to collect and analyze user data from its keyboard, Spotlight, and Notes.

More ...

Thanks for dropping by.

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What’s interesting here is that in the run-up to Apple’s new smartphone announcements we saw a real slow-down in sales: Apple has recovered momentum with its new devices, and it will be interesting to see how much more it builds on the release of iPhone X.

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For all you Home Automaters:

Actionable Notifications!

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Download TipToe for free and TipToe enables you to easily share the events and incidents around you to family and friends by following just a few simple steps. report an event and warn people about a crime or burglary instantly, you get to add a picture, share the location, and choose the level of concern from high to medium and be aware.
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