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The new iPhone leak reveals Apple's expensive surprise!

2018 iPhones will be a lot less expensive. A recent scoop has revealed that all new iPhones will come with a fast 18W power brick coupled with USB-C Lightning cable, which is currently available at an extra cost.

#Apple #iPhones

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I know it's late but here is how it performs in really bad low light situations

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New to Apple’s ecosystem?

Here’s a comprehensive overview on iCloud, Apple’s powerful and highly secure cloud storage to connect devices and save all kind of stuff.

But ...
All that glitters is not gold.

File management with the app FILES is still embryonic and one of the biggest disadvantages of iOS.

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#Samsung doesn't deny it infringed on #Apple patents, just not on the entire device, so it shouldn't have to pay on profits of the entire phone...

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What I think of the Wireless Bluetooth Veenax Pogo Headphones and PS-10 Portable speaker

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iPhone’s Calendar app

It's simple but deceptively powerful if you set it up right. Who knows - with a few minutes of work upfront, the Calendar app might crack your top ten list of favorite iPhone features.

Here are seven tips to get the most out of it.

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VEENAX PS-10 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

US Amazon 30% off code: LB9UER6C

DE Amazon 30% off code: ERBEBLAO

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VEENAX Wireless Bluetooth Pogo Sports Headphones Unboxing

Amazon US 30% off code: J2R4SN2B

Amazon DE 30% off code: DWPM2DBL

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One of the most versatile business card reader
ScanBizCard which uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to scan a business card and directly add the contact information to your phone’s contact list.
Download App:
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