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I'm very happy to pick up the Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Gold Edition this Memorial Day weekend. The whole experience was pleasant at my local Apple Store. The only thing that wasn't so good was we weren't able to get on the 24-month interest-free payment plan because we were buying unlocked (which we usually do).

Having the larger 5.5" screen is nice and I'm surprised that I'm able to get used this size quite quickly. This is in sharp contrast to couple years ago, where I felt the Plus size was too large.

The speed is quite good, and I'm also getting used to new Home Button and lack of headphone jack. Most of my peripherals are Bluetooth anyways.

I also ended getting the entry-level 32GB model because coming from 16GB iPhone 6, this was more than enough. I'm mainly using HTML5 Web Apps and use Google Photos to offload much of my photos and videos.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my new iPhone 7 Plus - 32GB - Gold Edition.
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Amazon beats Apple to the TV set...

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Today at iOS 10, it still doesn't come with any "File Manager" app for file management.

To cover this gap, I use the app "Readdle Documents" as my file manager on my iPhone and iPad.
(Readdle Documents is my favourite app on my iPad and it's more than just a file manager. But I could discuss that on another post another day)

Yesterday, Readdle update some of its apps an introduce a new and excellent feature that does "drag and drop files" across its apps on iPad split screen view.

For testing out, I'm using the Readdle Scanner Pro on the left and Readdle Documents on the right on my iPad Pro.
I could easily drag the image on the Readdle Scanner Pro app and "drop" it onto the Readdle Documents app on the right.
I must say the experience is satisfying.

Now, WWDC 2017 is round the corner early next month.
Do I want something like this on the iOS 11?
You bet!

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“She lost a middle finger before the nut went through her phone and her cheek, ending up lodged in her nose.”

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Today is the grand opening of the first Apple Store in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Here's the crowd right now at 7:45am 27th May Saturday, waiting for the opening of the store.
Photo taken from Twitter hashtag #appleorchardroad post.

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I love these videos 😆 what did we do before YouTube 

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Still on the story of the first Apple Store opening in Southeast Asia...

Like the last statement: "And that's how you open a store".
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