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Teachers are needed if you are interested fill out an application
* Name
* Age (real one)
* Background (real one)
* What you want to teach
The only requirements are that u must have a decent amount of knowledge on anime. So if you are interested post an application.

Navi williaMs can I be a moderator?

Name: Ro

Age: 13

Grade: 8th

Gender: Female

Background: Quite Loud in class, High Grades in Art, and had 1 fight.

Classes: Reading, Art, and Social Studies.

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Name: Prince
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Grade: 7th
Class:... I dunno...
Background: made the basketball team 10 times in each school i went to, i am a football player as well

Name: Daniela Lopez
Age:  N/A
Grade: 6th
Background: idrc
Gender: Female of course
Classes: Whichever cuz i dont get this ^.^

If you have any questions talk to our Council members Daniela Lopez and Prince of all Sayians

Students: Nolan Willliams

Teacher: Prince of all Sayians

Name - Nolan Williams
Age - unable to identify
Grade - 3rd
Background - Navi's brother
Gender - male
Interest -other
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