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L5R Avatar Series 4 (2014)
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From L5R Modern - and their fb page. 

Current Rules Are:
-Bigdeck Rules (which follows Legacy Rules) Except:
-50/50 Highlander
-Cards printed from Samurai Edition (Arc) through Current are Legal
-Any printing of BK and BH do not start in play.
-Seppuku as an open is reinstated (Samurai, Courtier, and Shugenja)
-Cards will always use their mrp version.
-Legacy search is done in accordance to Samurai Edition Rules.
-Player going 2nd can (before filling provinces) search their deck for a Legacy holding and put it in to play (bowed) and will not straighten before your 3rd turn.
-Soul of cards are the same card as their original. Only one can be used.
-Same as Bigdeck, 20% of your cards can be proxied with a proxy list.
Banned List:
-Anything banned in Bigdeck except Kyuden Otomo - xp
-Cards that were never legal to include in deck construction in Koteis from Samurai Edition through current are now banned (WoH, Siege, Draft, and 0GC BK and BH.)
-The Inevitable Grasp of Conquest
-Yasuki Palaces - exp
-Keigo Sensei

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Updated tournament floor rules

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Currency of War. The new Learn to play set. It's Crane vs Mantis.

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Avatars printed up to date
L5R MY Avatars
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The storm is coming, are you ready?

We are ready to announce The Coming Storm preview schedule. Previews will run from April 21, 2014, to May 20, 2014.

Here is the complete schedule:

Clan Forum Previews
Monday, April 21 – Lion at the Castle of the Swift Sword (
Thursday, April 24 – Crane at the Home of the Crane Clan (
Monday, April 28 – Spider at Shinden Fu Leng (
Thursday, May 1 – Phoenix at Gisei Toshi (
Monday, May 5 – Unicorn at Children of the Wind (
Thursday, May 8 – Crab at Crab Clan Catastrophe (
Monday, May 12 – Scorpion at the Dojo of Lies (
Thursday, May 15 – Mantis at Kobune Port (
Monday, May 19 – Dragon at the Dragon Clan (
Countdown running from Monday, April 20, 2014, to Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Facebook Fan Page (
Tuesdays and Fridays, beginning on April 22, 2014, and ending on May 19, 2014.

Partner Sites
Strange Assembly (, (, Elfiver Blog(
Wednesdays, starting on April 23, 2014, and ending on May 14, 2014.

L5R Twitter Feed (
Wednesdays, starting on April 23, 2014, and ending on May 20, 2014.

L5R Fan Sites
Weekends, as follows:
Saturday, April 26 – L5R Chile (, Legion of the Coqui (, (
Sunday, April 27 – Chikan Gatsu (, Fierte du Lion (
Saturday, May 3 – La Voz Akasha (, Endless Road (
Sunday, May 4 – Portland L5R (, L5R Facebook Group, The Bushi Dojo (, L5R Malaysia (
Saturday, May 10 – L5R Argentina (, the Kolat Informant (, L5R SubReddit (, Rokugan Scholar (
Sunday, May 11 – The Ronin Forums (, L5R Australia (www.
Saturday, May 17 – L5R Philippines ( ... 6189635962), L5R Brothers (, Proper Play (
Sunday, May 18 – The 6th Ring (, L5R Brazil (, Five Rings Online (

Plus, other previews to be discovered in some new places

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Matter of Honor - Lion side decklist

Lion Deck
The Honorable Garrison of the Lion

Holdings (19)
o 3x Traveling Market (CoM)
o 3x Well-Defended Farm (AM)
o 3x Akodo Dojo (IE)
o 3x Copper Mine (IE)
o 1x Counting House (IE)
o 2x House of Exotic Goods (IE)
o 2x General's Hatamoto (CoM)
o 2x Abundant Farmlands (GoC)

Personalities (21)
o 3x Akodo Daiken (CoM)
o 3x Armed Rice Farmer (CoM)
o 3x Ikoma Jeiku (GoC)
o 3x Ikoma Shika (IE)
o 3x Ikoma Takakura (AM)
o 3x Akodo Kenaro (IE)
o 3x Matsu Agai (IE)

Followers (15)
o 3x Rice Farmer (CoM)
o 3x Frontier Farmer (GoC)
o 3x Ashigaru Spearmen (IE)
o 3x Kikage Zumi Initiates (IE)
o 3x Light Infantry (IE)

Strategies (25)
o 3x Allied Efforts (GoC)
o 3x Outnumbered (GoC)
o 2x Ritual Preparation (GoC)
o 3x Tactical Setback (GoC)
o 2x Marshal Your Strength (AM)
o 2x Back to the Front (IE)
o 3x Block Supply Lines (IE)
o 2x Fall Back (IE)
o 3x Incapacitated (IE)
o 2x Strength of My Father (IE)

Matter of Honor - Crab side decklist

Crab Deck
The Impregnable Fortress of the Crab

Holdings (19)
o 1x Temple of Tengen (CoM)
o 2x The Breeding Ground (GoC)
o 3x Akodo Dojo (IE)
o 1x Counting House (IE)
o 2x Farmer's Market (IE)
o 3x Frontline Encampment (IE)
o 2x House of Exotic Goods (IE)
o 3x Iron Mine (IE)
o 2x Rice Paddy (IE)

Personalities (21)
o 3x Boyoh Mercenary (GoC)
o 3x The Lost Colossus (GoC)
o 3x Kaiu Gorobei (AM)
o 3x Hiruma Moritoki (IE)
o 3x Hiruma Tsurao (IE)
o 3x Hida Saiyuki (IE)
o 3x Hida Reigoro (IE)

Followers (9)
o 2x Naga Remnants (CoM)
o 2x Heavy Infantry (IE)
o 2x Medium Infantry (IE)
o 3x Spearmen (IE)

Strategies (31)
o 2x Incapacitated (IE)
o 3x Allied Efforts (GoC)
o 3x Defensive Formation (GoC)
o 3x Tactical Setback (GoC)
o 3x A Warrior's Brutality (AM)
o 2x Suffer the Consequences (AM)
o 3x Back to the Front (IE)
o 3x Destiny Has No Secrets (IE)
o 3x Fall Back (IE)
o 3x Ritual Preparation (GoC)
o 3x Treachery and Deceit (IE)

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