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One day 😉you won’t be able to do this, today is not that day.
People with different skill and mutiple talent, we walk differently in our life and earn accordingly which is natural. Down from the kidagarden we start the system of learning values and leads of life. ofcourse theory in life is too vast but success is only the theory we shed our tears to win. Taking those magical theroy into account i would say life is link and linkage but broken and divided. Lets starts with the most bulky universe parted into logical 7 planet, mighty gaint stars and varies astronomical bodies.

Now choosing one out of all, the only planet that fills its native with water " THE EARTH" has also been divided with 3 natural elements. thats where we can see division and apartment in life is nothing to do with human and humanity but its already govern by the law of nature and naturalistic. we can see such phenomenon neither comes nor goes but it works like a money business moving round and round and round until it burns into ashs.

Next is we human who gets divided by every means. I didn't believe religion parts away man's look but i am quit sure it builds the wall against human behaviour. Another talk of the town is culture followed by politics that people blame for division of human community'.

Not lately i realised mini plates unites to form a huge world yet that same plates can divide 3rd largest planet into 7 pieces. What does that sense you? It make no sense. Its alway that small thing in life which if considered optimistically divides and make thing fail and if taken positively everything would unite to success.

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