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Hey, is somebody looking for the voice acting info for Wanderlust Sails? Well, if someone sent you here or if you are directing someone here, this is the right post for it. Without further ado, here's the stuff you need to know:

Narrator: Plain and simple; any accent, as long as it's clear and easy to understand. Mature but not hyperbolic, range of vocal emotions but not overexaggerated. (As of yet, a narrator is not required but there will be chapters focused on third person story telling in the future).

Summersby: Despite having no actual dialogue, a different narrator is definitely a good idea, as Summersby talks in first person. He's a dog, so voice and accent aren't too specific; mostly like the narrator, as long as you're clear and well annunciated, you should be fine. Slightly less mature than the narrator but also more emotional than the narrator, as he is a character, not just an outsider looking in.

Christopher: Boyish, American and Spanish, late teens. Not too heavy on the accent, anyone with a natural American or soft Spanish accent preferred but if you can do a soft general American accent, that should be good. He's past puberty so he should sound mature but naive.

Isabelle: Isabelle is the youngest of the group, so she should sound slightly less mature than everybody else. Adventurous, even more so than Christopher. No real accent required, though, Swiss accents are preferred, soft French, Belgian or German accents would do just fine, since the area's accents are all very wide, yet similar, as far as I know.

Londonderry: Russian, but not particularly thick. She's almost monotone and has only the slightest hint of life in her voice. On the inside she is eternally screaming, but still maintains a smile on the outside. She's in the middle of the ages, but I'd really like her to sound much more mature than everybody else.

Dirck: Where do I start with Dirck? He has no clue what is going on 90% of the time, and he speaks with a Dutch or soft German accent. He is the member of the group who you think is smol and lost but is actually just too precious for this world. Any range of maturity in his voice; he should have lots of emotion, with any amount of maturity.

Polo: Italian accent of any description, soft, hard, preferably not stereotypical "Mario and Luigi" style accent. He's the oldest of the group but, since the age range isn't particularly large, he isn't particularly older than everyone else. However, he is more mature and feels that it's his job to look after everyone else. Is in love with Lady-Hay, in an open relationship, so he speaks very softly with her.

Lady-Hay: English, but if you ever say "Don't worry, love, cavalry's here." I'll kick you out. Soft English, it shouldn't be a heavy accent of any particular group, I don't want Bowie, I don't want a Cockney, I just want someone who is clearly from England without screaming at you for not using the right tea without actually saying anything about your tea. She is the oldest girl, and sees herself as a caretaker but is secretly smol on the inside. In love, openly, with Polo, so she speaks very softly with him.

Armstrong: If you give me something that makes me think of middle-aged Neil Armstrong, that's all I can ask for. Should sound like he's getting too old for this shit, but simultaneously is too young for this shit. Is the true caretaker of the group and forms a close bond with the excited, new team. Middle-aged, too old for this shit but very kind and caring.


Thanks for that, dearies. ^w^

OK, Amped might be taking a break, but it shouldn't mean the journey has been cut to a stop- he told me he's trying to work on details and background stories- which should make the arc deeper and more indulging!


.....And yes, who wouldnt want a big-badass dog for a pet? XD (Summersby is no ordinary dog, ladies and gents! He IS HUGE! )

Can't wait to hear voices for Wanderlust Sails! Maybe some of the Newtale VA B Team could be voicing the characters, which would be simply awesome! :D Even better if some A Team members join in as well!

(OK I tried out for Chris but failed miserably because I can't do a Spanish accent ....and I have a mediocre voice:P)

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Writing these Summersby chapters has been a real experience for me. So, I'm wondering, what are your thoughts on the long chapters?
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Long chapters are better! :3
I like the short ones! :D
Long? Short? They're all good! ^w^
(Screaming from too many choices) ._.

WA HEY! Hope you're happy with your past choices because one Summersby chapter is as long as two Christopher chapters! But the journal style lends itself more to shorter writings. Anyway, enjoy!

The Adventures of Summersby


Woof woof, borf; glomp? Part 2

2230, September 30th, Dawn of the 3rd Age

Isabelle yawned, rubbing her eyes. Her soft, white feet lightly tapped on the wooden boards; every time she stepped on the steel fastenings, she winced, lifted up her foot and waited for me to catch up, then she would hug me and ruffle my fur. After continuing this process for ten times, at least, we stopped… and we didn’t move. She just kept her face in my thick fur, almost like she was thinking about something…

Suddenly, she lifted her face from my body, the fur returning back to its place. She looked at me, and I looked at her. I peered into her eyes, which were squinted in thought, and her smile, some kind of devious thought tugging on the corner of her lips; and she stared into my big, curious eyes.

“You’re a big dog,” I stared at her, unchanged, in response. “Think you could give me a ride?” I nodded happily, unsure as to whether I was actually strong enough.

I soon found out I was.

Most of the ship slept, though some of the alien crew were still awake. In fact, we happened to run into the captain’s steward, whom looked after the ship whilst the captain slept. He was one hell of a piece of work; humanoid in shape but far from anything human in makeup. He looked like a galaxy, in the shape of a person: utter darkness, specked with twinkling dust; no eyes, no mouth or ears, only the vaguest outline of hair on his head and the shape of a nose.

He had the loveliest little surprise when he turned the corner, finding a human girl riding a massive dog. He came, at once, to inquire about the strange situation which he was presented with.

“What is going on here?” He asked inquisitively, his voice an ethereal hum.

“We’re just going for a walk.” Isabelle replied, almost like a human riding a dog was a normal thing.

The steward hummed in confusion, tilting his head, before asking, “Is he alright with that?” He pointed at me. We both nodded in response. “So… is this a Terran based interspecies mating ritual, or is he your steed?” He asked nonchalantly. Isabelle went wide-eyed, blushed and laughed all in three seconds…

We looked at each other, she laughed and hastily replied, “Steed.”

After standing in an awkward silence for a few moments, the steward spoke up again, “Where I come from, they call me NTN-792, but I’ve found that many other lifeforms find it easier to remember Newton.”

Isabelle went back to her confident smile, “I’m Isabelle Eberdt, I’m one of the new arrivals, but you can call me Bell, if you’d like… Oh! And this is Summersby, but I just call him Summer.” Isabelle stuck her hand in front of Newton. He hesitantly returned the handshake, Isabelle clearly shivering at the touch of his skin. As they shook, Newton’s face looked down at mine, looking down into my eyes, and the part of his head where his eyes, nose and mouth should be scrunched up for a second, almost like he was thoroughly confused about something. They stopped shaking hands at this point.

He looked back at Isabelle, “Ah yes. The new arrivals. My apologies for not attending your welcome, but someone needs to attend the wheel at all times and, unfortunately, I was the only available crew member.” He seemed to stop for a second, and looked at each of us, before slowly reaching his hand down to my head and lightly brushing down my muzzle and then quickly retracting his hand, seeming to have found that sufficient for his likings. “Well, I suggest you two get back to bed, I’ve heard you humans act on a very short day and you’re going to have a tiring day tomorrow.” And with that, he seemed to dissipate, the black fading out and the dust hovering off in one direction, quickly flying around the corner.

Me and Isabelle looked at each other again. She couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably at the whole situation. I decided that bed was probably the best thing for both of us. Nothing happened on the way back, other than Isabelle falling asleep on my back and the occasional alien asking if she was fine, to which I would nod my head and continue on; each of them would take the time to readjust her on my back to make sure she wouldn’t fall off. When we got back, I slowly moved to her bed and tried my best to roll her on to it, and ended up pulling the blankets over her, figuring she wouldn’t mind too much about the saliva on the blanket if she was warm.

I looked over to Christopher who was wide awake, “Come on, Summersby, you’ll have to tell me about your night out.” He gestured for me to lay on the bed with him. The beds extended far into the walls and gave me plenty of room. Me and Christopher looked into each other’s eyes for a good ten minutes before we finally drifted off to sleep

Christopher’s Super Awesome Diary of Exploration:


The First Night

2230, September 30th, Dawn of the Third Era OwO

Night has come; not that night is a real concept in space. However, since I'm told that humans need sleep, we run on a standard time, regardless of where we are. All of our clocks display the Universal Temporal measurement, along with Universal Human Time; the main clock has most of the major species’ planetary times as well. Universal Temporal Time doesn't work very well with a human’s sleep cycle as I'm sure a few people have found out when they tried to stay up for three days without sleeping.

Wowie, did I just write that much stuff about time…? Talk about existentialism, maybe it's the excitement of going on my first journey or maybe it's just ‘cause I'm super tired; I'm not ready to see what Universal Temporal sleep cycles are like.

I can't wait! Captain Armstrong informed us of our flight path: our main job was to check on the Terran solar system to report if there were any signs of growth on Pluto, Mars, Mercury or Earth. We’d be the first to dock in the solar system for three centuries.

However, not everyone is feeling the exact same way. When we went to wave to everybody as we left port, Summersby started getting sea sick, giving me my first clean up job. In turn, Londonderry had to throw up as well, so Dirck and Isabelle helped her; meaning that Polo and Lady were the only ones who got to see our home planet drift off into the distance. I mean, I kind of saw it, but my head was mostly down in dog vomit. Summersby is a big dog and, surprise surprise, he vomits a lot too.

I think I remember them holding hands… I won’t heckle them about it, but I’m pretty sure they have a thing for each other. I don’t mind it… I even guess you could say I really ‘ship’ them…

Ok, that definitely tells me it’s time for bed. I’ll try and write in my journal tomorrow, I’m sure something exciting will happen on the first day! The first day of the rest of our lives! ^w^

Starry Eyes signing out!

Christopher’s Super Awesome Diary of Exploration:


The First Day

0630, September 31st, Dawn of the Third Era

Le exhale, September 31st… only comes once every ten years. I'd love to meet the unlucky people who were born on the 31st of September, but I doubt any of them are aboard this ship, I doubt many people on the ship even follow the Gregorian calendar. Some idiot, millennia ago, thought it would be a great idea to add an extra day to every tenth year, just because he thought it would be funny and now, with human colonies spread everywhere, it's too much hard work to change it back. Oh, tradition is stupid…

Anyway, I best get back to sleep; the captain is giving us a sleep-in ‘cause he says learning the ropes is a big day for first timers…

Not that Isabelle will be troubled at all; she's travelled with her father her whole life, and is still as educated as anyone else… how does she do it?

Oh god… she's playing chess with herself… and not waking anybody else up in the process… Where did she even get a chessboard from?? Must have magically formed it from thin air… ha! If only that was a thing, maybe I could bring my sister back…

WELP! Better make sure I erase that before I give this book to anyone… Jesus Christ… it's way too early for this shit. I'm going to go back to sleep. I'll tell you how Isabelle’s chess game goes... if I remember.

Starry Eyes signing out!

Christopher’s Super Awesome Diary of Exploration:


The Ship of Wonder

1400, September 30th, Dawn of the Third Era ^w^

Today is my birthday… I'm so excited! All of my friends have been around to say their goodbyes and give me little tokens. It's sad to know that I won't see them for god knows how long, but obviously some of them are going with me, so we’ll all have each other, and we’ll be back in no time, with stories fit for heroes and legends!

Me, Isabelle, Polo, Dirk (or is it Dirck? I can never remember), Lady-Hay and London are all going and I think they're just as excited as me. The captain even said it was alright if Summersby comes with us too, as long as I keep him under control and clean up his hair and… other stuff that dogs do.

Talking about the captain, he's a really cool guy; letting us jump on his ship for almost nothing, to travel with him and help around the ship. The work doesn't seem all that bad, from what I've heard, so I have a feeling that the exploration will be worth the effort. I never fully caught his name… some distant, direct relative of Someone Armstrong; I wasn't completely listening to that part either.

The ship is nice too. Not in a comfortable way, but you kind of look at it and you can't help but geek out about how cool it is. “Romeo”, I think it's called… not really sure who that is, I think it has something to do with stars… or, love, maybe. Suffice to say, I don't know if it actually means anything but it doesn't matter, ‘cause it is one hell of a piece of work. The sails don't catch on determination or pride, like most ships do, they catch the crew’s wonder and the captain’s wanderlust… mmmm, I'm totally freaking out! That is such a cool thing for your sails to use!

Oh, ummm… I need to go now, the ship’s about to start sailing and there's a family that needs waving to.

Starry Eyes signing out!
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