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Greetings. My name is Moon, Queen of the entire dragon kingdom. Please read the rules in the "About the community" section.
Also, the kingdom is split into five Clans. (I'm still the queen of all of them, and I am the leader of Moonclan. Read the about the community section for info.) I will explain myself.

Name: Moon
Gender: Female
Race: Wind and Moon dragon
Clan: Queen / leader of the kingdom, leader of Moonclan
bio: I was raised as a strong dragon. I used to have a trainer, but she disappeared. I remain untamed, and wish to stay that way.
I am the rightful Queen of the kingdom, and the leader of one of the kingdom's clans, Moonclan.
Siblings: Unknown
parents: unknown
Relationship: No mate, no hatchlings.
Appearance: See images below. black dragon.

Thank you for joining. Below is the character signup, and extra rules (if necessary). Tell me if I didn't mention your dragon.

1- There shall be no fighting, or killing, of dragons that live in the same Clan.
2- Do not kill, or harm, any rogue dragon unless it poses a threat. An honorable warrior does not need to kill to win his battles.
3-No dragon shall harm a hatchling, even if it's from a different Clan.
4- The leader's word is the Dragon Code.
5- Trainers are allowed in the Clan's territory, but shall not harm other dragons. Other dragons cannot harm the trainer, either.
6- Breeders are not part of the Clan. Breeders choose to breed two dragons and make somewhat of a dragon farm.
7- Rogue dragons / loner dragons may join a Clan if the Clan leader agrees.
8- The healer may not have a mate, nor kits. If this occurs, the healer must give up her position as Healer.
9- No dragon disobeys their leader, unless they are evil, cold hearted, or break the dragon code.
10- No hatchling may begin training until they are at least 6 moons old.
11- Dragons may only be exiled if they break the warrior code.
12- No dragon may harm their leader.
13- Dragons reject the soft life of a Dracopet (Those who live with breeders, take the example of 'Kittypets' in the book 'Warriors'.)

No spam
Never , and I mean NEVER, post spam here. If I see it, I'm going to remove it instantly.

Moon (Me)

Leader: Moon (me)

Leader: Midnight (+Natalie Chavez)

Leader: Shaya (+Breadsticks :3 silica the cat (Bill Cipher)

Leader: Spirit (+Spįrït øf thę Hõrížöñ Stãr Šêłènė Rėmûś Rävéńçłàw)
Healer: Hurricane (+Natalie Chavez)

Leader: Crystal (+Alexander Chase)
Deputy: Eclipse (+Natalie Chavez)



One who tends to the land:

Moonshimmer (Me)

Thank you for joining.
below is what my dragon (Moon) looks like. She is a black dragon.
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Name: Shadow
Age: 1000 years
Breed: Titan
Clan: lone wolf
Rider: none
Enemies: the world
Family: none
Powers: unknown
Size: 300 ft (head to tail) 350 ft in height
Bio: best left alone

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Name: Vaero
Age: 20
Breed: sun dragon
Clan: loner
Rider: no one
Friends: no one yet
Enemies: no one yet
Family: Adopted by another dragon named, Kraesthis
Powers: can breath fire, can light up her scales and temporarily blind the people around her, after basking for a long time she can heat up her scales to burn people of they touch her
Size: 30 ft long (head to tail), 20 ft tall (40 ft tall when standing on hind legs), 60 ft wing span
Bio: When Vaero hatched, there was no one there. She cried out in hopes of someone hearing her. Another dragon heard her and dropped in. Seeing Vaero, a new hatchling, it took her in and raised her with its young. Once she was old enough she left the nest of her adoptive family and has stuck to living in solitude.
-And arts not mine!-

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If I must I will delete this post I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but here goes nothing!...👇👇

Hi guys I'm making a book about this community, with all the clans but I need permission from alllllllll of you saying that I can use your characters in my book series just leave a link to your oc(s) and I'll add them once I'm done with the first book I'll share it to the community👇👇👇👇

P.s if I should change the name let me know!

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My name is silver storm
In human years I am 3
I rank as a hatchling(baby)
I wish to join any clan Really
I don't have crushes mates or babies yet
My birthday is December 21
I don't have a story to tell yet I'm still to young to have experienced anything except hatching
I have a brother who is 7(in human years) his name is dark storm because of his black skin he doesn't want to live with me
I'm nice
I hate bugs and humans and i love fish and other food
My parents leave the babies to care for their self and be strong but when the babies are old enough they find their parents i don't think I'll survive alone so the babies find a new parent to help care of them
I'm trying to find my new parent!

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Name: blaze
Age: 16 (dragon years)
Gender: male
Species: dragon, element dragon(draco elementalis)
Personality: happy, playful, trusting, honest, loyal, loving
Likes: everyone
Dislikes: bad things
Rank: loner
Bio:is the last of his kind, his parents were killed when he was young..
Abilities: all elements, invisibility and mind reading
((PS: I own this art and the rights to it, anyone who tries to steal it can, and will be prosecuted))

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Moon watches over her clan, searching for prey as well

i swim deep underwater, through the tall seaweed. I bump into another dragon and freeze (open to waterclan)
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