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Shawn Foust

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A reminder from the mod team!

•This is not the place to try to get views on your blogs or YouTube channels
•Posting nudes will get you banned from the community and more than likely Google+ (we have members under 18 years of age, so keep the community clean!)
•This is not the place to ask for donations or post crowd-funding links
•Posts that do not contribute to LGBT News and Culture will be removed.  Asking for advice is allowed, posting random selfies and pics is not
•An introduction post can have a selfie or picture of you, but needs to have more than just a hello I am new here.  Tell about yourself!  This is a community, not Facebook.  Remember that this isn't the place to ask for hookups, so posts will be removed that attempt this.

Review our posting guidelines at
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+Clare Hollylee Nope q=) it wasn't.
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Tobey Hyde

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I fucking hate when my mother introduces me as female so the other people shes talking to start addressing me as female. Apparently my age isnt old enough to be taken seriously when it comes to my fucking gender and sexuality. Even though iv seen much younger kids who are accepted. Im glad they are accepted dont get me wrong, i just wish i were accepted too. I dont understand why its so hard to accept honestly. I AM A FUCKING GUY. NOT A GIRL. And i have been a guy all my goddamn life. I even dress like a guy, have guy friends, like guy things, and play as guys in plays. And also, why is me being pansexual also so hard to accept? I love all genders, so what?

Sorry, needed to vent. Also mods, please do something to help stop all the trolls that are in this community, its getting annoying to see the trolls posts...
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ruby the badass

▶ LGBT Advice  - 
Be proud.
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Religion is a fairy tale. (And good luck finding my second account)
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Vicky S

General Discussion  - 
There are so many trolls in this community, why hasn't the owner or moderators made it in to a private one, so we won't get teased or harassed by them!! I'm proud to be transgender and the girl I am, but don't post as much cause of the useless posts by them!
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It is quite good to give those trolls an area where they can live their dreams. You can always ignore them but you can also learn some good talking points against their bullshit. This kind of lost minds also exist in real world although most of them are probably too shy to express themselves...
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thegameplay ness

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My cousin is a prime example of how praying does in fact rid you of faggotry. We sent him to straight camp and now he's happier and has found himself a young, Christian girl. Perhaps he'll start a real family.
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That fast? Wasn't it on Wednesday when he was deported?
I expect nothing less than a post from you on Tuesday announcing the birth of his third child. (Which of course has to be sacrificed for his magical "healing")
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I'm proud to be a heterosexual. #ProudToLove
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Heterosexual number 1
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alexis diaz

General Discussion  - 
This man is right homosexuality is wrong only men and women should be able to marry turn back now you could still get a ticket to heaven.
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Ree Mee
Deleting my comments again? You right wing conservatives are so funny! I can do this all day. The more comments you delete the more I prove you wrong.

I'll ask again.

How does homosexual marriage "ruin" traditional marriage? 
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Edward Gorman

Introduce Yourself!  - 
I came out to one of my girlfriend and thay all know too.
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You're welcome.
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Bree Orlock

General Discussion  - 
Just spreading the word at this point...

Most of the LGBTQ Jewelry is posted and ready for sale, I have the order links next to each item. I still have some of the larger LGBTQ pendants to photograph and load to the website.
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ashley mangum

General Discussion  - 
Hi again :) anyone want to talk 
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Hi. Nice pajamas. 
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Rishu Kapoor

General Discussion  - 
A story of " Accountability in LOVE & FRIENDSHIP " By Rishu Kapoor​ 

Guys, this story are for those who always calculates DO's & DON'Ts in Friendship & Love Relationship (On the Occasions of Friendship day) 

Yesterday I was sitting on Road side, waiting for my frnd to pick me up...
But sitting ideal was thinking that in my past relationship i have done a lot for my Boy friend & for my best friends also, But never received that Love & care as expected, at last Return was nothing (I am Empty Handed Now :( )

Suddenly I saw a young beautiful lady selling carrots near by me at the corner of the road... People were coming to buy it, but when they start picking and choosing the carrots,  she would say "I only sell carrots in volumes there is no pick and choose". So all these people had to buy carrots in volumes/in bulk.

Then after a while there a smart young man appears, who came to her to get carrots with a smile on his face, :)  But a strange thing happened....
I noticed this time she ignored all the customer for a while and she herself picked the best carrots for him. 

I was quite surprised looking at the incident that she gave him best carrots from her stock, so after this men had left i asked her, sister, how come you let only him to hand pick the carrots, in fact you yourself picked and choose carrots for him. 

Her reply made me surprised ......She replied in just one sentence.... 

She said-  "He is my Husband (my Life Partner)  and I think, In this relationship there is No Accounts / No Condition / No Calculations. " ,
 A true love & Best friendship always free from Counting s of Do's & Don't's  (No conditions Applies) :) <3 :) 
 She said, for me Always him first & any thing for him without calculations. :)

I got tears in my eyes ... I got speechless, just a few minutes before i was thinking that I have spent a lot for my Boy friend & My other friends, I was thinking that may be i have wasted 5 years in love of him,  i should move on, i should forget all those friends who never responded me :( 
But she gave me replies of all my thoughts just in one sentence. :'(

Moral :- Guys Really If you mean some one as a best friend Or more then that then never do Counting of Do's & Dont's . There is no accounts and No Calculations  in true Relationship.  True love is to present ur soul without conditions n numbering, No Explanations / No Expectation  that i did this n u did that... !!

 we all have huge list of expectations from our partner, he or she  should do this for me, he should gift that for me, he will take there to me, he should look smart & sexy, he should be like this & that (T or B ) :(

WE ALWAYS MAKE OUR RELATIONSHIP-  A BUSINESS OF ACCOUNTS & NUMBERS .We always compare do's in our love relation ship... If He did this for me then only i will do that for him..  Or vice versa. This makes our relationship weak n results breakup and then we blame others that no body is serious here.This not not love, this is not lovers relationship... This is just a business like we do with others.

See that women selling carrot how he makes her husband different from business and from other customer and gave a lesson to all of us not to count or accounts in love. Guys Just give ur 100% dont expect just give with pure heart... That's all... After that God will manage how to make ur love strong.

And sorry to say that same thing we are doing with our God in prayers , we says we always go to temple we give money there but why he dont listen to us. ?
 No never do accounting n numbering if ur serious in any relation either its god or partner. I think we all are wasting this life in the pride of wealth and the splendor of beauty. 

खुशी मिली तो खा गये मिठाई समझ के , जो गम मिला तो खा गये दवाई समझ के ,
किया दोस्तों को माफ हरजाई समझ के , दुश्मनो को भी माफ किया छोटा भाई समझ के ,
जिन्दगी को चख लिया मलाई समझ के , मौत को भी चख लेंगे रिहाई समझ के ,
मैं वाकिफ था जिन्दगी के सभी नतीजो से , पर सारे इम्तहान दिया पढाई  समझ के :) 

A Happy Friendship Day to all ( With No Accountability ) By Rishu 

<3 RS <3
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About this community

A community for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people to share and discuss news, culture, and stories. *NSFW MATERIAL AND HATEFUL COMMENTS WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE BAN, AND YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO GOOGLE* Please read our community rules posted in the links section.

Nao L'inquisıtrice

▶ LGBT Stories  - 
(Just click on the pic if it's blurred)
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its okay to not read it all

So I went to de store to buy coffee and probably 3 Starbucks but then I saw this girl I hate and she came up to me and said "awe well look who it is its the dumb girl who likes boys and girls eww" then her little minion said "wait isn't she like gender fluid" and the other girl said "oh yeahhh like how can you be like a boy and a girl at different times" I walked away and then her minion ran after me and pulled me to de bathroom and pulled a knife at me and threatened to stab me I don't wanna say why then the other girl pushed me to the wall and kicked me and then started to chock me and after that she dropped me to the ground and said "See what you get for being bisexual you ugly whore" THEY DID THAT JUST BECAUSE I AM bisexual and gender fluid I wanna cry so hard.
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+XXCali_ CatXX don't worry I'm fine....
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thegameplay ness

General Discussion  - 
To clear up any misconceptions:
- Incest is ok so long as it's between opposite sex. The bible supports this and so do I.
- God loves everyone? Levitocus 20:13
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+thegameplay ness And who created us humans? 
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jonathan cortez

General Discussion  - 
There is still time to pray for your souls my friends don't let this mental illness called homosexuality lead you to hell
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+ruby the faggot Couldn't have said it better brother i am here to cure the faggot virus
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thegameplay ness

General Discussion  - 
A friend of mine who goes by the name "Repent Sinners" on G+ recently shared his time interviewing a homosexual. Here's the Q and A:

I used to counsel sexually confused teens before I moved to Uganda so I can try other methods of dealing with the abominations of God. Back in '99 I interviewed John, a 17 year old homosexual who I counseled for several months; he is an alcoholic with a heavy scat addiction.

Q1. John can you tell me how you knew you were a Homosexual?

A I was playing with the dog an Alaskan malamute in the garden and somehow the dog’s bottom became entangled in my face, his smelly crusty hole pressed against my lips, I shouted for the dog to get off but as I did this his soft hairy testicles and penis fell into my opened mouth. After what seemed like a life time the dog fell to the side panting, and I was able to recover my composure and smoke a cigarette. Later that day I began to fantasize that the dog was a hairy man called Malcolm; at that point I knew I was a homosexual.

Q2. How did you become an alcoholic with a scat addiction?

A I was young, a rebel when the pastor said homosexuality was a curse I just thought you bigoted asshole, If only I had listened I would not be living in the shadows. Much like a heroin addiction grows my homosexual desires grew, at first I was happy to let old men in rest rooms jerk me off for a few dollars but I was like Alice in Wonderland and down the hole of sexual deprivation I fell and fell. 
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Im laughing so hard are you mad 
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Ford Moreau

General Discussion  - 
I spent an hour writing an article on why homosexuality should be accepted. I gave it to my "friend" to publish in the school magazine in september, because I live in a homophobic area. He read the article and said that I was disgusting, ripped it in half, and threatened to show it to the pastor. Yes, that just happened. Im going to mail a new one to the school.
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Keep up the good work! Never back down! and obviously that person isn't a very good friend if they would see you silenced and most of all call you DISGUSTING!  We are here and we are queer! yOU WILL LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT!  Never let anyone shove you into silence. You make sure you mail several copies of that article to several people on campus to get it going. 
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Guy Fawkes

General Discussion  - 
Anyone have Kik?
If you want to talk to me on Kik,
My username is GuyFawkes129
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Lee Dorsey

▶ LGBT News  - 
YES, good work...Stop the #Racism
And #AmericanTaliban hate
SWAMP it with #LoveWins
RT Horace Boothroyd
RT @pharris830: #Confederate Facebook group hijacked, turned into “#LGBT #Southerners for Michelle #Obama via @slate
+NOH8 Campaign +NAACPConnect +Human Rights Campaign +GetEQUAL +GLAAD +ACLU of Virginia Channel
Virgil Texas is a Brooklyn-based professional funny person who, on Monday, announced that he’d joined a private “Confederate Pride” Facebook group that had left some of its settings unlocked. He then appears to have surreptitiously changed its header picture a few times as a ruse before convincing the group’s administrators...
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Is this true?
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Monica Fowler

▶ LGBT Advice  - 
Iam a 55yr gay its so hard too come out help
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Mónica, you have courage. It is a pretty socialized communities, and fear becomes, something that is different for certain types of socialized bellefs. However, if you believe within your spirit and or being, than you have a journey to peace. Love thy self, for you are now free. Erzsi
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