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LGBT Community Rules & Guidelines

The LGBT Community is a place for LGBT people and allies to come together and discuss LGBT issues, politics, news, and culture. These rules are intended to make the community a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Posting In The Community
▶ Please take part in the community.  If you have news or information that the community needs to see, post it, but please refrain from excessive posting.
▶ The community is for discussion and sharing. When you post a link, please offer your opinion about why you feel it is important.  Please don’t post links to your own site/blog that are not relevant to the goals of the community, as they will be removed.
▶ If your post isn’t appearing in the Community, don’t repost it. Google+ automatically moderates some posts, so if your’s isn’t showing up, it’s possible that it was automatically filtered and a moderated hasn’t approved it yet.
▶ If you run another LGBT-related Community, you are welcome to share it in the “Other LGBT Communities” section, however, please only do so once.

▶ No nudity, or not safe for work photos, videos, links, or discussions.
▶ Homophobic and any other discriminatory content or discussion is obviously not allowed. If someone uses terms that you find offensive, please let a moderator know and we will discuss with them why this is not appropriate.
▶ People have joined this community to discuss LGBT issues, politics, news, and culture, Though we all like to look at pictures of hot guys/girls and to watch music videos, please refrain from posting them.  There are plenty of communities for this on Google+.
▶ The community is not a personals site. You are welcome to introduce yourself in the “Introduce Yourself!” section, but the people are not in the community to be bombarded with selfies and requests to contact you, e.g. Kik me or Skype me. 

Reporting Posts
▶ Keep in mind that since the Community is so large, we receive a ton of posts and we’re not able to moderate every single one of them. If you see something that violates the rules, simply click the “report spam or abuse” button on the post.

Contacting a Moderator
To contact a moderator, you can use this form: or message us via Google+:

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Hi Some of you know me. Those that don't I'm Zena I'm 22 Transgender from Manchester I live in Canada.

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gay couple in the ad

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Here is great news! Go, Taiwan!
#Taiwan on Wednesday became the first Asian country to legally recognize same-sex marriage. The Taiwanese Constitutional Court ruling gives lawmakers two years to decide the issue +Washington Blade

Apologies for those of you who had to see and deal with the child who threw a tantrum over being reprimanded...

Again, as I tell everyone who disagrees with my moderation decisions as I'm the only active moderated as of right now:

Contact the owner with any concerns. He is rarely ever on but if you manage to get a reply, then take it up with him. I don't make the rules, I simply enforce them as best as I can interpret.

Peace and good fortune to you all~

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I have been getting requests on my phone to connect and share videos with someone named Richie on +YouTube (now a +Google product). The only information on his channel is a number of folders with pretty generic video content (music videos, life hacks, etc.). I can't see his tiny picture clearly on my phone, and +YouTube 's new "share" function (only available on mobile devices) provides no way to look at his profile or send him a message. I haven't been able to find much info on the +YoutubeHelp pages, and I am starting to wonder if Richie is a +YouTube bot designed to lure me into using the new networking/connect contacts function.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Am I right to have suspicions?


If you are reading this RICHIE, please contact me and let me know who you are.


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This Week's Quote at General Gayety

I knew the full "Judy Garland Carnegie Hall" double album set at age 2. And then my mother wondered why I was gay. I was like, "Are you nuts? You would make me get on the table to sing Judy Garland songs and you're upset?"

Mario Cantone

I....uhh ....I came out as a bi today someone ......and didn't get a positive response ....ik this is India ....and it will obviously take time to sink in parents didn't talk to me for 2 months either ......but now ....I'm kinda stressed .....this was the person I trusted a lot ....and ....well .....what do I do ? .....

'm sorry to have to say this to everyone here, but I have been feeling really upset with people on here and it needs to be cleared up right now. I don't come on the Internet to bring drama. I don't come on the Internet to be a troll, I come on the Internet to fulfill needs in myself, and if people do not fulfill a need they will be deleted. I'm really tired of stressing this, but it needs to be stressed. I'm too old to have to tell people about why. So I'm going to do it now:

Why I don't like to go on forums, message often, or message boards and texting too much on IMs:

Well the reason is because a lot of people don't like what I type, and I do this to avoid people who are 'grammar-Nazi's', and also people who are careless about me. Also the furry fandom didn't;' make it any better. I'm not blaming, and if this sounds like a blame game, it's not. Let's just say after leaving form the fandom, I had a few friends but then it got sour real quick with some of them. And I got board of the shenanigans. So that made me have a emotional depression whihc is the reason why I call more or VC/AC (video chat / audio chat) than posting or texting.
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