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That's fucking nasty.
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I was watching I new film theory video and it brought up a good point about comedy.

Yeah sometimes the depressing comedy we tell is funny but the kill yourself jokes aren't and idk why people ever thought they were.
Maybe it's because I've lost many people to suicide but I never found them funny. Like that's a person's life. And the joke is usually when someone expresses their hobbies or something, like if they aren't harmful don't tell someone to kill themselves.

Idk it just felt like a good point matpat made. You can have offensive comedy but follow the rules of comedy because something's aren't funny and flat out telling someone to kill themselves isn't funny. 

Holy fuck stop calling the work of young children cringy. Do you not want creativity in this world? Yeah their OC'S may suck and yeah their artwork may need help but we need to support them and give them tips instead of making half of try not to cringe stuff. Adults are no better but their at least more mature, I don't condone on picking on anyone's art because someone's will always be better than yours but still let the kids be, there is no room to grow if you Keep pushing them down.
When I was younger my art sucked but people keep giving me pointers and such and now if I've done art that's earned awards, like fucking trophy's. You can't expect people to always be naturally good at something. Just let them breathe and develop as artists.

About the oc thing, yes again I know they all are Mary Sue's and such but if you try to help them create and original character it could be great. My original oc was a girl with colour changing hair and and edgy tone, she wore some stupid outfit and I like I had like eyeless jack love her. Now I have four OC'S completely different from her, I have one that has dyed hair but a uplifting personality but like any human she does get sad sometimes. I have a FTM oc and he's a comedian and likes science, I have an agender asexual character who resembles a character out of marble hornet's, and I have a person who comes from a who other dimension that I wrote a whole story explain where they come from and their humanoid dog who is basically harbouring a fuck galaxy in its body.

Bottom line is people change with age. OC'S change with the person. Don't put someone down for what they did as a kid.

Okay here's my fucking problem

There are three sex's and three genders

Three sex's because biologically you can be born xx, xy, or with both a penis on vagina . You can't ignore science on that.

Three genders because you can be male, female or non-binary, seeing that non-binary is a term for anything that is not male or female.

Sex is what you do the Frick frack with.

Gender is what you say you are.


Why do people get so pissy about this???

Stop going into Lgbt+ community's to harass trans people??


Holy fuck I want to scream.

If your a guy that's nice I don't care what in your pants I'm not a perv I could care less just don't boast it.

If your a girl that's nice I don't care what's in your pants I'm not a perv I could care less just don't boast it.

If your under the umbrella term of non-binary i still don't fucking care whats in your pants just don't show it.

You can act like whatever you like. Nothing has to be strictly feminine or masculine if it's a goddamn personality trait, Of Course periods and birth are feminine things as example but if your a guy and you look killer in fucking heels then you kill it, if you're a chick but you love fixing cars congrats. If your non-binary but you love doing anything. Then as long it's not murder,rape,etc. Then you do you.

Holy shit no there really shouldn't be gender rolls it makes no sence to limit one gender to one thing, like females having to be good at certain things or males being non emotional. No if your a guy and you want to cry then fucking cry till you feel better.

Gender rolls do not equal your sex

Sex is not the same as gender, by fucking definition.

Gender is what you say you are, how you express yourself is not important, if your a girl, hell if you were born a girl but you look like a guy and you act like a guy but your say your a girl then guess fucking what? You're a girl

Fuck as long as you're not attacking people no one should give a shit. 

"lol ur a faggot"



"Yeah well you're just a special snowflake SJW"

Ah yes and you are not trying to differ yourself from the group of people much like me. No you saying that you're a rare person who knows what's real or not is of no way saying your special.
You here intruding on my post, saying that you'll make society better is of no way a social justice warrior of any kind, no you're just a person who differs from a mass majority that believes in fixing society.

I the person stating I am happy as myself and saying I hope no one else gets harassed for liking being themselves as long as they aren't a dick to people am a social justice warrior, whom is also a special snowflake. When I openly say no human can be exactly the same nor 100% different from another person, yes I believe I am special. Obviously. Ten out of ten my good person, you've cracked the code. This is it, I will now retread back to my imaginary safe space in order to rethink life because my ego has been wounded.

Gosh golly I feel so threatened.

From a person who contradicts themselves because they have no factual evidence i ever did anything wrong in that post, they just really don't like me for living though they never met me but I guess I must've murdered their family for the amount of hate they have for me.

Hell can't even fucking say shit or I'm triggered so I'll just die here but wait no that's to edgy. Fuck.

Ayy thanks for the invite:^)

I'm someone who rants a lot honestly, about almost everything if you must. But really, the one thing I rant about the most are those who complain about nothing for no good reason. But really, everyone's got their own opinions, weather its right or wrong.

Hello and thank you for letting me join :^)

Anyway, I'm just gonna say, I hate how I can't talk about feeling depressed or how everything in life is going crappy without the fear some troll is gonna stroll by and say I'm only doing this for attention......

Yeah, like this troll knows that this is fake, but seriously, why are people like this? Why can't we all just be a normal society? Oh yeah, it's the internet, there's always gonna be that one asshole......
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