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Name-Kuné Yukimura
Magic-Sound Magic
Personality-may come off as cold, but is actually quite caring
Bio-she was almost killed by a group that worshiped Zeref. To try to find Zeref, she joined a dark guild, but when they figured her out, she left. She then traveled around and joined Fairy Tail.

enters the Fairy Tail guild building .....hello?

I just realized that i have not taken a job request since i joined fairy tail. Hey +Xeph the Nobody​ and +Kira Parker​ wanna take a job request with me?

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Name: Mamba 

Age: 18

Parents: Cobra and Kinana

Guild: Fairy tail

Mark Location: Right Shoulder

Guild Mark Color: Dark Purple (Like Hair)

Magic: Poison Dragon Slayer + Shadow Poison Dragon Slayer and Sound Magic

Personality: I am pretty quiet and relax i can be pretty mean at points but i have a soft side and will protect and care those in need. If you hurt anybody i care i will destroy you no matter what, I make it my Job that everyone is happy and smiling and if someone gets rid of their smile i hurt them. I can also be pretty loud and hot headed at some times when i am pushed to.

Back Story: My father Cobra taught me everything I need to know about Magic and made me a Dragon Slayer by teaching me the arts my parents then died and i was told to join the guild Fairy Tail so i traveled to Magnolia as a kid, but didnt know anything. I had a mentor known as Lutsu to make me a stronger Dragon Slayer but a Shadow God Slayer came and killed him I stood up to fight for him even tho he was so much stronger than me and I succeeded in eating his shadows and turned into a Shadow Poison Dragon to kill him. 1 week after that i joined Fairy Tail and 7 years have passed since then.

Rank: S-class 

Friends: Everyone in the guild

Appearance: (Pic bellow)

My oc bio
I don't have a photo yet

Name: Melanie DeMiro
Age: 15
Physical traits: Long Dark brown hair with black highlights, light brown eyes, wears a cute knee length Aqua dress with black tights. Always wears an aquamarine bracelet. Wears calf-length silver boots.
Magic: Atmosphere Dragon slayer and Exceed shape-shift Magic.
Personality: Creative, Intelligent, Pretty, Swift.
Melanie is one of the exceeds that was sent to earth from edolas by the Exceed queen. She and her twin, Lilian, were given a special power to shape-shift into humans. But soon the sisters parted their ways and learned their own new magic. Now Melanie has joined the Fairy Tail guild and is close to becoming S-Class.
Close Friends: Wendy, Romeo, Lucy, Erza, Mira, and Natsu (Carla, Happy, and Lily too of course!)

I'm new

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I'm kawaii!!!!!!!

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+Kira Parker +Emile Vadmir +Anna Claire

TIME TO HIT THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why do all my games end like this? First with my brother, and now with my mother.....
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glares at Caius I shall get my revenge for your attempt at revenge....

+william whittenberg
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