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Give a personal touch on your Photos® Albums
with piQtility 4.7.2
in just a few steps !

At the appStore:

Take a look at our tutorial:

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Mac Tip - How to update your Apps that are not in the app store using a free app

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DIY Mac Tip Enjoy - How to replace a Macbook Air Battery and extend the hours available 

Link to battery kit

Disclaimer - keep in mind Changing the battery could void your apple warranty. Use these and all Mac tips Video's on this channel at you own risk


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There is this new OS called Papyros (which is currently under development). It is based on Arch OS and it adheres Google's material design. If you generally dislike Apple's products such as Iphones and macbooks etc, you can check out this new OS with the links that I have provided. These links will take you to the website and to G+ page of Papyros:
Animated Photo

If you are having issues after update to Yosemite, I recommend doing a full install.
I upgraded from Mavericks the first time and got battery life issues and low velocity in the system. So, I decided to do a full installation, and all problems disappeared. My battery life is good and the system is very fast. I don´t know the reasons :/.

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Should I upgrade a iMac (4GB Memory) 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 (Mid 2010)  to OS X Mavericks - the current version which is running on is - OS X 10.9.5.

If you have any info u need to let me know about, please comment on this poll, thanks 
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Yes do it!
No keep the version you already on!

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