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Creating a role play server for Xbox one add me if you want to play will need a mic and we need 15 people for police and 4 for fire department ,and 8 for EMS and the rest can do what the y want just nothing crazy and we can try to get fill in for the people with jobs and if you know of any other jobs hit me up my gamer tag is HitchedVessel 14

Want any call of duty game also have gold

I also have now farming sim 17 and Wwe 2k16

I will game share with anybody who has ARK survival evolved or rainbow six siege

*ARK survival evolved (most wanted game )
*rainbow six siege
*cod ww2
*cod ghost
*cod bo3
*cod bo2
*cod advanced warfare
*cod infinite warfare
*battlefield 1
*battle field 4
*dying light
*the division

*forza Motorsport 5
*project cars
*RYSE son of Rome
*minecraft Xbox one edition
*minecraft better together edition

And I have a great app that lets u watch any movie for free no credit card or money needed
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