Good evening everyone,
It has been a long time since I shared or posted anything in this community. This was mainly because I wasn't in touch with photography for quite some time. Currently I had some fresh opportunities and it'll be great if I could once again submit photos in the Voting Pool (following all the rules of course).
I'll be waiting for one of the moderators to approve my presence once again. Thanks :)

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Hi, I didn't Introduce myself before, I am sorry. Well, I am from Venezuela and living in Norway, I like to take photos some time to time when I have free time, I work, I also play music and have a family and kids, so I don't know when I have free time :-). I usually do it while I am with my bicycle, so is normal that my bicycle is in my photos :-), but I don't have preferences, if I find something that I Like, I just shoot. Regards everybody.

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Hi! A friend of mine recommended you all to me and so I thought I'd see what you all were about.
I am into photography and interested in starting up a business.
I love to look at other people's work, take criticism well (because that's how you learn, right!?!) And focus on getting the "right" picture. 

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Hello There Light Box Community!

My name is Ryan, I'm from NYC I love bicycles, elephants, people & photography (not necessarily in that order)! I shoot mostly street photography, & also portraiture. I love shooting people, I love their candid expressions, I love to tell stories with my pictures, more so than making them exclusively look pretty. I do like a bit of grit in my image, NYC is pretty gritty, I like that to come thru.

I know it's not about the gear, but I love Fuji! I have an X-T1 with a few lenses, & an X70 as my never leave home without it sidekick. I love the layout & of their cameras which allows me to almost never have to look at in menu to shoot my scene.

This particular image was shot on my X70 a few mornings ago near Bryant Park. I absolutely welcome pluses, comments, shares , getting circled & most of all constructive criticism (I'm not afraid to be challenged, that's where growth happens). I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed making them.



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Original Caption -

If Faced With Greatness, don't flinch.

#RLx #NYC #Street #Fashion #Photography #FujiFilm #X70

"Believe in America
because in it we are free.
Free to choose our government,
To speak our minds, To observe our different religions."

Wendell L. Willkie

Hi, I'm Sascha. Still learning my ways in photography and would consider myself an occasional shooter. Switched from heavy Nikon DSLR gear to a lightweight mirrorless system about a year ago and couldn't be happier with it. Was forced to switch from Apple Aperture to Lightroom and been struggling with editing ever since. Last but not least, I am trying to get away from Facebook so I am looking at alternatives like Google Plus. Been a G+ user since day 1, but kind of abandoned it long before they introduced the new communities/collections paradigm. Learning my way back in :) That said, this looks like exactly the kind of community I was looking for.

I'm a Bob. Relatively new into photography and am spending a lot of time reading and looking to learn from others. I'm still using kit lenses on my Canon T3, except for my 50mm that is. Haven't specialized in any area, but especially like some macro and minimalist works. This looks like a great Community!

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Okay, today I launched my photography site. Not really sure when I can call myself a "professional" - was I not yesterday but today I am because I have a website? Do I need my first sale? Do I need to generate enough revenue to ditch my dayjob?

I come to this community looking for critique and advise. What do you guys do to drive traffic? How do you try to stand out? What sells, and what doesn't?

Here's the URL, if you'd like to take a look...

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Happy New Year, my friends! I hope to see you all in 2015, and wish you to have many exciting trips in the new year! #patagonia   #torresdelpaine   #lagogrey   #glebtarro   #fotowalk   #travel   #travelphotography   #newyear   #newyear2015  

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Hi, I'm Sherry.  I'm a gardener/garden designer in Charlotte NC and usually have my camera with me at work just in case.  I make art in gardens and like to take photos and play with them in Lightroom and Photoshop to make art for my walls.  I'm new at it so thought it would be fun to check out others photos and critique in Light Box and get some critique on mine as well.   First, just wanted to introduce myself.    Cheers. 

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Hello comuniti. I am from Ukraine, Kiyv
This photo taken in Lviv by Canon D60 + Sigma 30 mm 1.4
Camera RAW + Adobe Photoshop 
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